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10 Under $10: Great LEGO Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

A LEGO train set, with lamppost, shops, and tree.

Did you finish all your present shopping only to realize you neglected the stocking stuffers? Again? For the third year in a row? That’s okay; you can get a jump on stocking stuffers with some great inexpensive LEGO suggestions.

You might be thinking that all LEGO sets come in giant boxes with over $300 price tags—and we can’t blame you for that thought when sets like the Hogwarts Castle and the Millennium Falcon exist. But LEGO gifts don’t have to be large or expensive.

You can easily spend $10 or less on something small, which is great for the bank and your stockings. Some of these sets may come in boxes that won’t fit in stockings, but you could wrap up the bags inside the box and toss them in. Or, you know, buy bigger stockings.

As with our other LEGO guides, we’ll link to either Amazon or the LEGO store, whichever has a particular gift cheaper as of this writing. LEGO pricing does fluctuate, though, so it can’t hurt to shop around.

And if you buy a lot of LEGO bricks, it might be worth it to sign up for LEGO VIP, a loyalty program that can net you discounted or even free LEGO sets. Spending a little more now could you save you money in the long run.

My First Christmas Train: LEGO Christmas Train Ride

A box displaying a LEGO train with a Christmas theme.

This adorable Christmas Train is perfect for little ones getting used to building LEGO sets. You get the tiny train, a shop stall, and three mini-figs—a train driver, shopkeeper, and passenger.

The whole thing is done up in festive Christmas colors and even includes a tree and lampost. That just leaves you a LEGO faun away from a trip to Narnia.

My First Christmas Train

LEGO Holiday 6175453 Christmas Train Ride 40262, Multi

This set includes an adorable little Christmas train, like the one children ride at the fair or mall. You also get three mini-figs, a shop stall, and a lamppost with a bench.

SPACESHIP!: Satellite Service Mission

A LEGO satellite, shuttle, and astronaut mini-fig.

It may not be Benny’s spaceship, but this fun little satellite service set really hits the spot for everything fun about space. You get an astronaut mini-fig complete with a gold visor and wrench, a “solar-powered” satellite, and a shuttle just large enough to hold the mini-fig.

LEGO added fun little details, like wing flaps, and the shuttle even has a storage area to stow the satellite away.


LEGO City Satellite Service Mission 60224 Building Kit (84 Pieces)

This inexpensive LEGO kit sends you on a mission to fix a satellite. Send your astronaut mini-fig into space with the included space shuttle, and if necessary, stow the satellite in the back for repairs.

A Mystery Surprise: LEGO Minifigures Series 19

A group of 16 LEGO Minifigures dressed in adventurous costumes.

LEGO sells mini-figs in blind bags and changes up the theme of those bags every so often. Blind bags, for the initiated, are typically small toys hidden inside a foil or other soft container. You can’t tell what’s inside before buying, so if you want a particular toy from a set, you may have to try more than once.

The latest LEGO Minifigure series is adventure themed and comprises 16 different mini-figs, including a Dog Sitter, Video Game Champ, Shower Guy, Rugby Player, and more. You can easily fit three or four blind bags in most stockings.

A Mystery Surprise

LEGO Minifigures 71025 Series 19 Building Kit (1 Minifigures) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

If the LEGO fanatic in your life seemingly has every cool set, you can't go wrong with these blind bags. You'll get a random Minifigures themed after adventurous people.

Three for the Price of One: LEGO Creator 3in1 Drone Explorer

A LEGO box showing a set in drone mode, swamp boat, and propeller plane.

What’s better than buying one LEGO set? Buying three for the price of one, of course. You can build this kit as a helicopter, swamp boat, or propellor plane. When you tire of one configuration, just take the set apart and build one of the others.

Three for the Price of One

LEGO Creator 3in1 Drone Explorer 31071 Building Kit (109 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

It's a drone! It's a plane! It's a swamp boat! It's all three, whenever you want. Just take what you have apart and built it in another configuration. All for the price of one kit.

Flowers For Your Love: LEGO Flower Display

A LEGO box with a LEGO rose and daisy in front of a painted outdoor scene.

Nothing says, “I love you” like flowers. And nothing says, “I understand you” like giving the LEGO fanatic love of your life LEGO Flowers.

This set includes a LEGO rose, daisy, and interchangeable pots. At 5 inches (14cm) high and 3 inches (10cm) wide, it doesn’t take up too much room and should fit on any work desk.

Customize Your LEGO Blocks: xtra Brick Stickers

A pack of stickers for LEGO bricks.

Not everyone builds solely with predesigned LEGO sets. Half the fun is often making custom restaurants, homes, and dinosaur-filled coliseums. But if you use plain LEGO bricks to build a town, it’ll look somewhat dull.

That’s where these xtra Brick Stickers come into play. They offer decoration for your creation, including everything from pretzel store logos to grocery store pricing. As long as the recipient doesn’t find the concept of applying stickers to LEGO bricks sacrilegious, these are a great way to make a custom town look even better.

Christmas Tree Ornament: LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament

A small toy soldier ornament with gifts at his feet.

How often can you give a Christmas Tree that’s both cute and functional? This LEGO Toy Soldier ornament is certainly adorable, especially with the little wrapped presents at its feet.

The ornament will look good on anyone’s tree, and even if it doesn’t, it can always be torn apart and used for parts.

Christmas Expansion Pack: LEGO xtra Xmas Accessories

A baggie full of LEGO parts themed after Christmas.

Speaking of parts, sometimes it’s nice just to gift LEGO parts. This little pack comes with all sorts of Christmas themed LEGO bricks, and includes everything you need to build a snowman, some wrapped presents, or a candy cane.

But the point is, you don’t have to do any of that. The kit contains 32 useful pieces for theming your creations for Christmas.

For the LEGO Fan with Everything: LEGO Brick Separator

An orange LEGO brick separator.

Do you know an extreme LEGO fan who buys every set as soon as the company releases them? That’s a tough person to shop for, but this may help. The Lego Brick Separator does precisely what the name implies: it separates two joined LEGO bricks. Sometimes that’s a seemingly impossible task, especially if the two pieces in question are flat thin bricks.

To be fair, most big LEGO kits come with a separator. But they’re also easily lost, so your LEGO fan may not have one. Even if they do, LEGO Brick Separators are kind of like woodworking clamps: you can never have too many.


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