Facebook Is Trying to Make It Easier to Delete Your Data

Facebook has a ton of data on you that you might prefer they didn’t. After far too long with insufficient ways to delete your data, Facebook is starting to make it easier. A little.

According to a Facebook blog post, the company is cleaning up its Account Settings portion of the mobile app to make it a little clearer what data the service collects about you. It’s still not very clear, but it’s better than what we had before. A new Privacy Shortcuts menu should help make it easier to find the already-existing sections that show what information is used to show you ads and download a copy of your own data.

The most interesting new feature is Facebook making it easier to delete your data. The company is adding an Access Your Information section where you can see your posts, reactions, comments, and search history. You can delete some or all of your data from this page. Unfortunately, Facebook still doesn’t off an easy way to delete (as opposed to deactivating) your entire account, but the company says they’ll be adding more options in the future.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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