Do Not Connect Alexa to a Flamethrower Like This Guy Did

There are a lot of useful gadgets that you can control with Alexa. Flamethrowers generally aren’t among them. Colin Furze made one anyway. You probably shouldn’t.

In case you’re unfamiliar with inventor and vlogger Colin Furze, you should know this isn’t exactly out of the ordinary for him. Furze has built a name for himself building outlandish and entirely unpractical creations like, for example, a full-size TIE fighter. Compared to those creations, an Alexa-powered flamethrower is relatively tame.

The custom-built flamethrower–which, in a fit of irony, includes parts from a fire extinguisher–connects to Alexa via some Arduino-compatible circuitry. If you’re into the nitty gritty of how it’s made, you can check out this video for a guide on how the Alexa software and connection works. But we all know you really came here to see some fire.

Colin set the flamethrower to respond to commands like “Give me fire” and “Give me fire now” because when you need fire, it’s very important you get it in a timely fashion. Of course, unless you are Colin Furze (or maybe a Mythbuster), hooking up Alexa to a custom-built flamethrower is not a very good idea. But it’s nice to know we live in a future where it’s possible.

Source: colinfurze

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