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7 Heated Throws, Pads, and Full-Sized Blankets to Keep You Warm This Winter

An electric blanket folded up.
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There’s nothing like cuddling up with an electric blanket. Whether you’re looking to keep you warm at work, in bed, or even while you walk around, these are the electric pads, throws, and blankets that’ll get the job done right.

Should I Buy a Heated Pad, a Throw, or a Full-Sized Blanket?

Electric blankets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to fit in the seat of your chair, while others are large enough to engulf your mattress in heat. But unless you’re an electric blanket connoisseur, it’s difficult to figure out what kind of electric blanket will actually fit your needs.

So, to keep things simple, we’re dividing electric blankets into three categories: heated pads, throws, and full-sized blankets. Here’s a little info on each category, along with some details on how it might appeal to you:

  • Heated pads: Heated pads are small and versatile. They’re usually about the size of a hand towel, and they’re perfect for setting at the foot of your bed. Some people even use them to soothe aches and cramps. (We’ve also included a heated mattress pad in this list. As you might expect, it’s the size of a mattress, not the size of a hand towel.)
  • Heated throws: Heated throws are small electric blankets. They’re great for cold nights at your couch or your desk. While you can use a heated throw in your bed, it won’t be big enough to cover your entire mattress.
  • Full-sized heated blankets: A full-sized heated blanket is, essentially, an electric blanket that can fit an entire mattress. They’re usually sold in a variety of sizes (twin, full, queen, king), and they often feature low-voltage heating modes for overnight use.

Now that you know what you’re looking at, let’s get into it. Here are the best heated throws, pads, and full-sized blankets.

(By the way, you might notice that most of these electric blankets and pads are from Sunbeam. It’s not favoritism—Sunbeam is just a prolific heated blanket manufacturer.)

Best Small Heated Pad: Sunbeam SoftTouch

The Sunbeam SoftTouch heated pad

The Sunbeam SoftTouch heated pad is a simple, two-foot-long heated pad with four heat settings and a two-hour auto-off function. It’s perfect for keeping at the end of the bed or slinging across your shoulders, and its nine-foot-long power cord won’t get tangled up during your late-night tossing and turning. This size is also great to use on aching muscles and joints.

Best Small Heated Pad

Sunbeam Heating Pad for Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Relief with Auto Shut Off, XL 12 x 24", Teal

The Sunbeam two-foot-long heated pad is perfect for keeping at the end of your bed or slinging across your shoulders. It has four heating modes and a two-hour timer.

Best Heated Throw: Sunbeam Sherpa Throw

The Sunbeam reversible throw.

Unlike most heated throws, which feel thin and plastic-y, the Sunbeam sherpa throw feels like a real plush blanket. It’s made with lush velvet and sherpa materials that could put any other throw to shame, and its three heat settings and three-hour auto-off timer are perfect for working at your desk or lounging in bed.

Best Heated Throw

Sunbeam Royal Mink Sherpa Honey Heated Personal Throw / Blanket, Cozy-Warm, Adjustable Heat Settings

The Sunbeam sherpa throw is made of plush and lush materials. It doesn't feel thin and plastic-y like other heated blankets, and it features three heating modes and a three-hour timer.

Best Budget Throw: Sunbeam Fleece Throw

The Sunbeam fleece throw

If you want a heated throw that won’t break the bank, then consider buying the Sunbeam fleece throw. It’s a plush, lightweight blanket that’s manageable enough to use at work or around the house. Like the Sunbeam sherpa throw, this fleece throw has three heat settings and a three-hour timer.

Best Budget Throw

Sunbeam Royal Ultra Rodeen Blue Plaid Heated Personal Throw / Blanket, Cozy-Warm, Adjustable Heat Settings

The Sunbeam heated fleece throw is affordable, lightweight, and features three different heat settings. It's a great throw for lounging at home or working at a desk.

Best Full-Sized Heated Blanket: Perfect Fit SoftHeat

The Perfect Fit SoftHeat electric blanket
Perfect Fit

If you’re looking for an electric blanket that can fit your entire mattress, then consider the Perfect Fit SoftHeat full-sized electric blanket. It’s an incredibly plush electric blanket that features ten different heat settings, including a low-voltage setting for safe overnight use. Plus, the queen and king sizes of this heated blanket come with two controllers—one for each side of the blanket. That way, you and your partner can each have custom heat settings.

This full-sized heated blanket is sold in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Best Full-Sized Heated Blanket

Perfect Fit Blanket Cozy & Plush Warming Bedding with Low-Voltage Technology and Auto Shut Off, Queen, Sage Green

The Perfect Fit SoftHeat full-sized electric blanket comes with 10 heat settings, including a low-voltage setting for overnight use. The queen and king sizes of this blanket also feature two controllers---one for each side of the bed.

Best Budget Full-Sized Heated Blanket: Sunbeam Heated Quilt

The Sunbeam heated quilt.

Full-sized heated blankets are nice, but they can get a bit pricey. If you’re looking for something that can heat up your mattress without destroying your nest egg, consider buying the  Sunbeam heated quilt. It’s super soft, it has 10 different heat settings (including low-voltage overnight settings), and it has a 10-hour auto-off function. You can’t really find a better-heated blanket for this price.

This full-sized heated blanket is sold in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Unlike the Perfect Fit blanket, this Sunbeam blanket comes with one controller only.

Best Budget Full-Sized Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Royal Ultra Admiral Blue Heated Blanket – Queen

The Sunbeam heated blanket is great for keeping your mattress warm without breaking the bank. It's soft, it has 10 different heat settings, and its 10-hour timer is great for saving electricity (and sweat).

Best Heated Mattress Pad: Sunbeam Quilted Mattress Pad

The Sunbeam quilted mattress pad

Heated mattress pads are a bit of an oddity, but they’re super convenient and direct. You simply install them on your mattress like any mattress pad, and presto, you can turn up the heat anytime you want.

The Sunbeam quilted mattress pad is one of our favorite options. It’s affordable, it has 10 heat settings (with a low-voltage setting for overnight use), and it features a 10-hour timer to save on electricity. Plus, the queen and king sizes of this pad come with dual controllers, so you can independently control the heat on both sides of the bed.

Best Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings, White,Queen - MSU3GQS-P000-12A00

The Sunbeam heated mattress pad is as discreet as any quilted mattress pad. Of course, it also has 10 heat settings, a 10-hour timer, and controllers for each side of the bed.

Best Option for Cars: Car Cozy 12-Volt Travel Blanket

The Car Cozy 12-Volt Travel Blanket
Car Cozy

Road trips can be rough, especially during the fall and winter. To make things a bit easier, consider bringing along a Car Cozy travel blanket. It’s a soft, heated throw that plugs into your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter, so you don’t need to use any kind of weird adapters. And while it has only one heat setting, the Car Cozy electric blanket has a built-in timer that runs for either 30 or 45 minutes (and is easy to reset via a big blue “RESET” button).

Best Option for Cars

Trillium Worldwide TWI-1001N Car Cozy 2 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket (Navy, 42" x 58")

Whether you're trying to stay warm on a road trip or commute, the Car Cozy electric blanket is your best bet. It's soft and affordable, and it has a built-in timer.

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