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Now You Can Use Google Duplex to Buy Movie Tickets

You can now purchase movie tickets using Google Duplex, an extension of the Google Assistant that can be used to automate tasks such as making reservations. Today’s update brings a greater range of capabilities, shifting Duplex to “Google Assistant for Chrome.”

Although you’ve been able to buy movie tickets through Google Assistant and Fandango since last year, the new ability to use Google Duplex adds support for more than 70 cinemas and ticketing services including AMC, MJR Theaters, and Movietickets.com in the US, or Odeon in the UK. The feature is currently limited to those two regions.

This is the first time that Duplex has been used on the web, as it was previously demoed using an automated phone system to call in reservations at restaurants and whatnot. Still, since this new feature relies on the Google Assistant to get started, it will only work on Assistant-enabled devices (like smartphones or Chromebooks).

Duplex is capable of navigating the web and selecting options, and ultimately eliminates a lot of the hassle that you might otherwise have to deal with when jumping through the hoops to purchase tickets on various sites and services. Instead of interacting with ticketing sellers directly, you interface with Google Duplex, which asks questions such as “How many tickets would you like?”

To kick things off with your ticket purchase, simply ask the Google Assistant on Android for movie showtimes and when you select a movie time, you should see a “Buy tickets” button that will initiate the ordering process. And again, since Duplex is like autofill on steroids, it takes care of most of the nonsense you have to fill out along the way—payment information, etc.

Moving forward, Google foresees the potential to include support for making purchases elsewhere and automating other tasks using Duplex. One of the next features that Google is looking to add will let you make car rentals through Duplex.

Source: Google

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