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The 7 Best Robes To Keep You Warm and Comfy This Winter

Two white bath robes hanging in a cabinet
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Few things are as comforting as wrapping yourself in a giant, cozy robe as you step out of the shower or get of bed amid the winter chill. A good robe is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm during the colder months without resorting to paying extra to increase the heat in your home.

But although they seem like a relatively straightforward product, it can be hard to find the perfect robe for you. Here are a few top-rated options you’ll love.

Before You Buy

When you start to look for a robe, you’ll find that there’s an overwhelming number of options out there, which can leave you feeling kind of confused about what you even want. A good robe isn’t always super cheap, so you don’t want to spend money on something you end up barely wearing—the goal is to buy a robe you’ll regularly wear for a few years. Here are a few personal preferences to think about before purchasing:

  • Do you want a long robe or a short one? A long robe is generally going to hit at your ankles and feel a lot warmer and more comforting than a shorter robe. Think about which one you would feel most comfortable in and go from there.
  • Are you looking for something very warm or something lighter? Some people want to wear a robe to feel like they’re wrapped in a giant blanket, some people don’t want to be that restricted. If you don’t want to overheat, opt for a lightweight robe that you can wear all year.
  • When do you plan on wearing it? Do you just want a robe to throw on when you get out of the shower? If so, terrycloth is probably your best bet. Are you looking for something to lounge around the house in? Then you likely want a softer, cozier material.

Best Overall: Parachute Classic Bathrobe

parachute classic bathrobe

As far as bathrobes go, Parachute’s Classic Bathrobe ($99) is, well…a classic. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, it is super soft and plush and feels luxurious at a reasonable price point. It wicks away water so it can be used after the shower, but it’s comfortable enough to stay in no matter what you’re doing, which is a nice versatile touch.

This robe is cozy without being too heavy and is pretty much a perfect length. The two large front pockets make this functional enough to wear all day long, and the slouchy fit is a favorite in the reviews.

Best Shower Robe: Weezie Women’s Long Robe

weezie long robe

Weezie’s Long Robe ($175) is so good that it will make you wonder why every other robe doesn’t offer the same features. Possibly the best part of the entire robe is the fact that the tie around the waist is attached at the back, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly losing it when it falls out of the loopholes—it’s just a really convenient feature. Another nice touch is the sleeves that button up, which is especially ideal if you’re on the shorter side and always find that sleeves are too long.

The robe itself is also incredibly soft but readily absorbs moisture, making it nice to slip on right after the shower. The piped edges are aesthetically pleasing, the pockets are nice and large, and you can even pay extra to monogram it if you’d like.

Best Cozy Robe: Aerie Fuzzy Sherpa Robe

aerie fuzzy sherpa robe

Cotton towels are nice for absorbing moisture after the shower, but sometimes you just want something even softer and more plush to stay extra cozy in. This Aerie Fuzzy Sherpa Robe ($41.96) is exactly what you want on cold winter days. It’s so incredibly soft and comfortable that you’ll want to wear it to bed with you.

One of the best things about this robe is the elastic cuffs, which keep the sleeves from annoyingly hanging over your hands. It’s also not too long, which is nice, because sherpa like this can quickly feel overwhelmingly hot.

Best Satin Robe: In Bloom by Jonquil Satin Robe

in bloom by jonquil satin robe
In Bloom

Looking for something a little more exciting than your average cotton robe? In Bloom by Jonquil ($48) makes a gorgeous satin robe that feels silky and will make you feel extra luxurious every time you wear it.

While some satin and silk robes are made of questionable quality, this one feels rich and expensive, despite the reasonable price. In reviews, people who bought this robe love the flowy sleeves and the lightweight feel that makes it comfortable even in warmer weather.

Best Spa-Style Robe: Towel Selections Kimono Waffle Robe

towel selections waffle robe
Towel Selections

Anyone who has had the luxury of spending the day at the spa knows that the robes offered can be one of the best parts. Lightweight and comfortable, they’re ideal for pretty much any temperature. Towel Selections makes a great waffle-knit spa robe that feels soft but not too heavy and hits at about mid-calf to keep you fully covered up.

This robe is also great for when you step out of the shower, as it quickly absorbs moisture. It comes in a variety of colors, so there’s something for everyone.

Best Spa Robe

TowelSelections Women's Robe, Kimono Waffle Spa Bathrobe

This waffle-knit robe is lightweight and comfortable for any weather.

Best Lightweight Robe: Natori Shangri-La Robe

natori shangri-la robe

If you don’t want to be wrapped up in a thick robe, then opt for the super lightweight Natori Shanri-La robe. It’s a fan favorite because of the incredibly soft, super light material—if you like to wear a robe even in the middle of the summer, this is the one you want to wear.

This robe is light enough to throw on over your pajamas or sweats but is also long enough to be worn on its own. With side pockets and kimono sleeves that don’t hang too long, it’s functional as well.

Best Lightweight Robe

Natori Women's Shangri-la Solid Knit Robe, Heather Grey, Medium

Natori's Shangri-La robe is super light and comfortable for days you don't want to be too bundled up.

Best Zip-Up Robe: Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Zip-Up Robe

barefoot dreams zip up robe
Barefoot Dreams

Most robes tie at the waist with a sash, but anyone who has ever worn a robe can tell you that that can be annoying: they gape open, which can make them a little too revealing or can even leave you feeling that chill you’re trying to escape. Plus, the sash ends up falling off most of the time.

If you’re not into that, then you should try the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Zip-Up Robe. It actually zips up, like a long zip-up hoodie, so it’s a lot more convenient. It’s super soft and cozy and even has a hood for the days you really want to feel comfortable and warm.

Best Zip-Up Robe

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Women's Lounger, Heathered Oyster/White-Size L/XL

You won't miss the robes that tie at the waist with this super comfortable and cozy zip-up robe.

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