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Moment’s 14mm Fisheye Lens Will Outshine Your Smartphone’s Ultra-Wide Camera

Moment Fisheye 14mm Smartphone Lens on iPhone

Ultra-wide cameras on smartphones are one of the lastest “premium” features manufacturers have started adding to its devices. Unfortunately, these sensors aren’t usually as sharp or high-quality as the standard lens. To fix this problem, Moment is releasing a new superfish lens called the Fisheye 14mm.

The Fisheye 14mm isn’t Moment’s first fisheye lens. The older Fisheye 15mm offers a similar 170-degree field-of-view but wasn’t designed for modern smartphone sensors. According to Moment, the new Fisheye 14mm will use 15 percent more of the image sensor and offer edge-to-edge sharpness thanks to a new bi-aspheric optical design.

You also get better image quality from using the Fisheye 14mm when compared to most ultra-wide cameras because it sits on top of the phone’s primary sensor. Going this route allows you to capture more light, use the phone’s Night Sight and Portrait Mode features, and more.

One of the main reasons why Moment’s lenses are so widely popular is because of the added convenience they offer. Ensuring your phone is protected by one of the company’s photo cases, you can quickly twist on one of Moment’s lenses and change your device’s focal length and viewing angles.

Specifically, with the Fisheye 14mm, Moment is advertising that adding the lens to your smartphone allows you to replace your need for a GoPro. It offers the same ultra-wide field-of-view and doesn’t require you to carry around a second device.

To help with the image bending that’s associated with using a fisheye lens, Moment is adding a distortion correction feature to its mobile camera app. The update should be rolling out to the iPhone app starting today and making its way to Android “in the next few weeks.”

The Fisheye 14mm is available starting today on Moment’s website. The accessory retails for $119.99, but the company is selling the lens for $89.99 for the next 48 hours.

Source: Moment

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