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Buy Google’s Nest Hub on Sale For $79 and Get the New Nest Mini for Free

Google Nest Hub
Jason Fitzpatrick / Review Geek

Companies meant it when they started saying “Cyber Week” instead of “Cyber Monday.” Now Friday, you can still find exceptional deals like this one from Google, where if you purchase a Nest Hub for $79 (on sale from $129), you’ll also get a free Nest Mini (the new one).

The Nest Hub launched last year for $150, and after being impressed by the smart assistant’s contribution to the smart home ecosystem, we didn’t hesitate to name it “Product Of The Year.” Whether serving as a digital picture frame, a smart home control panel, or merely a device for hands-free Google searches, the Nest Hub was already attractive when its price was reduced to $129 after the arrival of Google’s Nest Hub Max, which has a bigger screen, better sound, a built-in camera, but costs $229.

Nest Hub
Jason Fitzpatrick / Review Geek

And then the Nest Hub became even more appealing when Google knocked its price down to only $79 for Black Friday. As if saving another $50 on this thing wasn’t tempting enough, if you order a Nest Hub today, you’ll also get a new second-generation Nest Mini for free.

The Nest Mini was announced during Google’s Pixel 4 event in October and originally went for $49. It is currently on sale for $35 as a standalone purchase, but again, you’ll get one at no extra charge if you buy a $79 Nest Hub. (Note: Target has the same deal, and if you have a Red Card, you get another 5 percent off.)

The second-gen Nest Mini is a screenless smart assistant that’s wrapped in fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. It comes in four colors and brings many improvements over the first-gen Nest Mini. Changes include a built-in wall mount, improved audio that sounds clearer and more natural with double the bass, and a dedicated machine learning chip onboard for handling core experiences of the Google Assistant on-device instead of connecting to a distant server.

Nest Mini 2nd Gen

While this deal involves last year’s Nest Hub and not the newer Nest Hub Max, it’s probably worth mentioning that Google is still actively supporting the older model. For instance, in November, the company added support for ultrasonic presence sensing on both the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. That’s a big deal for the Nest Hub because it doesn’t have a camera, yet now can detect when people are around using ultrasound and customize its user interface depending on how close you are to it, among other factors.

Source: Google, Target

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