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The 8 Best Modern Bi-Fold Wallets

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The humble wallet has changed pretty dramatically over the last several years, with more minimal and front-pocket designs than ever before. And those are great, but maybe you still prefer the well-proven design of a bi-fold wallet. The good news is that there are still plenty of companies making high-quality bi-folds, and you can even snag some modern features in the timeless design.

What to Look for in a Bi-Fold

Wallets are important, so you shouldn’t just buy the first one you find. Here are a few things to look out for before purchasing.

  • Design: Even if the wallet looks normal from the outside, the arrangement of the interior is important. Different wallets will have a varying number of card slots and bill slots, they may have a transparent ID slot, and some will even have a coin pouch. We recommend looking at images of the inside of the wallet before making any decisions.
  • Durability: If you’re trusting something with your credit cards, driver’s license, and cash, you want to make sure it won’t break on the job. You want something soundly made from quality materials.
  • Size: This mostly comes down to personal preference, but if you’re keeping your wallet in a pocket, you’ll likely want something slimmer, so it doesn’t bulge. If you’re keeping it in a bag, it can be as big as you want. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • RFID Blocking: While RFID skimming (the act of using an RFID reader to steal information from credit cards and IDs) is not a significant cause of concern today, there’s no reason not to be protected from it. Most wallets you find today will have RFID blocking built-in, and all the ones in this article do.

Now that you know what to look for, here are our eight favorite bi-fold wallets you can get right now.

Best Overall: Herchel Hank Bi-Fold Wallet

Herschel Men's Hank RFID Bi-fold Leather Wallet

If you are looking for a no-frills standard wallet, then Herchel’s Hank wallet will cover all your bases. With a rugged polyester exterior (although you can get it in other materials), it’s built to be durable and solid, and even if you get it dirty, it can be hand-washed. It has a large dedicated currency slot, multiple dedicated card slots, a mesh ID slot, and measures 0.5 inches thick when empty.

The Hank comes in a wide range of different colors and styles and uses a layout that will feel familiar to most. That, combined with its mid-range asking price, makes it the perfect no-risk wallet if you need a replacement.

Best for Most People

Best Budget Bi-Fold: Chelmon Ultimate Slim Mini Wallet

Chelmon Ultimate Slim Mini Wallet Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet Bifold Genuine Leather RFID Blocking

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a wallet and just want something simple and cheap, this wallet from Chelmon is perfect for you. Despite its slim profile (0.5 inches thick) and budget price, inside, you’ll still find all the makings of a traditional bi-fold: one currency slot, three card slots, two function slots, and one ID slot. A great wallet for a low price.

Best Budget Bi-Fold

Best Premium Bi-Fold: Bellroy Hide & Seek

Bellroy Hide & Seek, slim leather wallet, RFID editions available (Max. 12 cards and cash)

Bellroy is well known for its high-end products, and the Hide & Seek is no different. Made from high quality, environmentally certified leather, this wallet will store anything you could need it to in style. The name is certainly fitting, because besides the five-card slots and currency slot immediately visible upon opening the wallet, there’s also a card slot hidden in the currency slot, and an additional currency slot hidden behind the flap. It even has a built-in coin pouch.

Bellroy’s Hide & Seek is easily at the top of its class when it comes to style, quality, and smart design. And despite the many slots hidden in the wallet, it still only measures in at 0.6 inches.

Best Slim Bi-Fold: SlimFold Minimalist Wallet Micro

SlimFold Minimalist Wallet - RFID Option - Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Guaranteed - Made in USA - MICRO Size

If you want to slim down your wallet as much as possible (while still having space for everything), then SlimFold’s Micro wallet is for you. Made out of thin and durable material, the Micro will only measure in at 0.2 inches when empty. Opening up the wallet, you’ll find one ID slot and two card slots that can be stretched comfortably to fit two cards each. This design makes it the perfect wallet for those looking to save space in their pockets while still having a high-quality product.

Best Slim Bi-Fold

SlimFold MICRO Minimalist Front Pocket Vegan Slim Wallets for Men (RFID Blocking Black/Black)

Thin but still durable, this cleverly designed wallet is perfect for those looking to slim down.

Best Budget Slim Bi-Fold: FEITH&FELLY Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Men Bifold Wallet with Money Clip - Leather Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking

But if you’re on a budget, SlimFold’s wallet might be a bit pricey for you. So here is another slim bi-fold that comes in at a much lower price point. This wallet has nine total card slots (eight on the outside and one quick access slot on the front), a zipper pocket for storing coins, and a money clip for bills. The wallet is 0.8 inches thick when empty, but the money clip can be removed to slim down even further.

The compact design of this wallet might make getting certain cards or cash out in a hurry difficult, but if you’re looking to slim down on a budget, this is the wallet for you.

Best Budget Slim

FEITH&FELLY Men Bifold Wallet with Money Clip - Leather Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking

Slim, lightweight, and affordable, this wallet is perfect for those looking to slim down on a budget.

Best Bi-Fold for Travel: Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet Navy - RFID

When you’re traveling abroad, you may need to carry some extras on the daily. And this wallet aims to allow for that, with ten card slots, two large bill/document slots, an included micro pen, and a passport sleeve (fits all standard-sized passports—German and Irish passports will not fit). This wallet will take some stress off traveling as you know everything important is in one place. And being made by Bellroy, you know the material and build quality will be up to snuff.

When empty, it is 0.5 inches thick, but that number can quickly rise depending on how much to put in.

Best Bi-Fold for Travel

Bellroy Travel Wallet (Slim Leather Passport Wallet, RFID Blocking, Organizes Travel Documents, Cash & Tickets, Holds 4-10 Cards, Includes Micro Pen) - Navy - RFID

Perfect for frequent travelers, this wallet will allow you to keep important documents, multiple currencies, and even your passport in one place.

Best Bi-Fold if You Primarily Use Cards: SlimFold Minimalist Wallet Nano

SlimFold Minimalist Wallet - RFID Option - Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Guaranteed - Made in USA - Nano Size

For those who don’t use cash, the large currency slots most wallets have can feel like wasted space. SlimFold aimed to solve that problem with its Nano wallet, an even smaller and slimmer version of its previously mentioned Micro wallet. The wallet has three dedicated card slots (all of which can easily fit two cards) and two function slots. There is no traditional cash slot to save space (you can fit one or two bills in the function slots for emergencies, but they need to be tri-folded), so this wallet is clearly designed for those who rely on cards for their transactions.

Best Bi-Fold if You Primarily Use Cards

SlimFold™ Minimalist RFID Wallet - Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Guaranteed - Made in USA - Nano Size Navy with Orange Stitching

If you rarely use cash, then this wallet will save you space in your wallet without compromising on what you need.

Best Bi-Fold if You Primarily Use Cash: Pacsafe Rfidsafe V100

Pacsafe Rfidsafe V100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Bi-fold Wallet

But what if you are the exact opposite? If you prefer using cash, then Pacsafe has the wallet for you. This larger wallet (0.8 inches thick when empty) has eight card slots, but three separate bill slots. This makes it simple to organize bills based on value, or keep notes of different currencies separated. The polyester and nylon exterior has a built-in coin slot as well, so no need to have loose change banging around your pocket.

Best if You Primarily Use Cash

Pacsafe Rfidsafe V100 Anti-theft Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet, Black

While it's bulkier than other wallets on this list, if you primarily use cash for transactions then the Pacsafe will give you the space you need to sustain that.

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