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Save up to $150 on the Pixel 4 and Get a Free Google Wifi or Nest Hub

Google Pixel 4
Cameron Summerson / Review Geek

If you missed out on the $200 off that Google had on its new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL over Black Friday, there are still a few options for saving a similar amount. Depending on where you order, you can get $100 to $150 off the Pixel 4 and it comes with a free Google WiFi or Nest Hub.

Similar but different deals are available at various online stores, so depending on the bonus hardware or other perks you’re interested in, you might prefer to order from Amazon, Best Buy, the Google Store itself, or other locations. Amazon, for instance, currently has the Pixel 4 listed for $100 off ($699 for the 64 GB model), and it comes with a free Google WiFi router that usually sells for $100 itself ($88.95 on Amazon as of writing). Package options include 64 GB and 128 GB versions of both the regular Pixel 4 and XL.

Meanwhile, if you buy the 64 GB Pixel 4 from Best Buy right now, you can get a larger cash discount that brings the price down to $649.99 and instead of a free Google router, you’ll get a Google Nest Hub, a smart assistant with a seven-inch touchscreen that otherwise goes for $79.99 (previously $129.99) when purchased separately. Best Buy has the same $150 discount and free Nest Hub for both models of the Pixel 4 and XL.

Ordering a new Pixel straight from the Google Store likewise includes a free Nest Hub, though Google’s sale price on the 64 GB Pixel 4 is currently set at $699, which isn’t quite as low as Best Buy, but noteworthy nonetheless if you’re looking to save $100 on the company’s latest smartphone. While some of the $100 discounts are set to expire in a couple days on December 14, the deal that includes a free Nest Hub is supposed to last until Christmas day.

Source: Amazon, Best Buy, Google via Android Police

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