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Please Don’t Spend the Entire Day Playing This Jelly Mario Physics Simulator

You know what could make the classic Super Mario Bros. better? A physics engine. Oh, and playing it in the browser could help, too. Jellymar.io is here to fulfill all these wishes and ruin your work day.

Jellymar.io is a browser-based game, controlled with the arrow keys on your keyboard, that looks a lot like Super Mario Bros., but it plays like an arcade controller plugged into a pile of mashed potatoes. You control a jelly-like Mario, jumping around level 1-1 from the original game. Well, I say “jumping” but it looks closer to how an earthworm might haphazardly thrust through mud. The music slows or speeds up depending on how quickly you get through the levels. Which means it will be slow most of the time you’re playing.

You can’t break bricks, collect coins, or even kill enemies. If you come in contact with the couple of baddies at the very beginning, you’ll explode into a cloud of pixels. This is not an authentic representation of Mario’s death animation in the original game, but it’s a fantastic spectacle. The game is worth a few minutes of your time, but get back to work before your coworker comes along and asks if he can have next.

Source: jellymar.io via The Verge

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