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OnePlus Will Unveil a New Concept Smartphone at CES Next Month

OnePlus Concept One Teaser

Celebrating its sixth anniversary, OnePlus has announced that it will reveal a new concept smartphone next month during CES 2020. Called the “OnePlus Concept One,” it seems the device will be separate from the much-anticipated OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

Instead, the handset will kick off a new series of “concept” smartphones from OnePlus. The company promises that this will only be the first in an upcoming family of phones that will presumably (hopefully) explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what we expect from smartphones, which have become increasingly homogenized (read: boring) over the last few years.

What those new ideas might be remain a mystery, however, as OnePlus is sitting on the details until CES in January. This is more of an announcement about an upcoming announcement than anything else, and while that wouldn’t typically gain our attention, we recently named the OnePlus 7 Pro “Smartphone of the Year” for having such an incredible set of features at a stupidly good price.

In other words, if there’s any phone maker out there right now that we would love to see shake things up even further, it’s OnePlus. Considering the company already ships flagship devices with displays touting a 90 Hz refresh rate among other premium features, we’re not quite sure what to expect from the so-called “Concept One” except that it will supposedly bring an experience that is smoother, faster, and “more burdenless” than we’ve seen from previous models.

Fortunately, CES is only a few weeks away so we won’t be waiting long to learn more about what OnePlus has up its sleeve. We’ll be at the show, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to check out the Concept One in person.

Source: OnePlus via Android Police

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