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Score The Best Cat Scratching Post for 30% Off

A cat happily scratching the SmartCat scratching post.
Jason Fitzpatrick / Review Geek

Last year we told you all about the best scratching post money could buy and thanks to this 30 percent off deal you can get more cat-delighting, furniture-saving, bang for your buck.

What makes the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, well, the ultimate scratching post we recommend above all others? From our review of the product back in March of 2018:

Recently I noticed that my cats’ scratching post, the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, was looking a little rough around the edges. I have four cats and they, naturally, put the hurt on any scratching post I purchase but it had been so long since I’d purchased a new scratching post I was genuinely curious when I’d purchased it.

I dug into my Amazon order history and was astounded to see I’d ordered the post in December of 2011, seven years ago. Let me tell you, in the last seven years my cats have laid waste to a whole lot of things: cheap scratching posts, furniture, rugs, potted plants, and one even ate half a blanket, but they hadn’t been able to completely destroy this scratching post despite laying into it multiple times a day. With that kind of durability record, I ordered a second one, no questions asked.

You can check out the review for the comparison photos if you want, or you can do what I just did and order a bunch of them so you put ultra-durable scratching posts your cats will love and put them everywhere. The scratching post is a steal at the regular $49.99 price tag (seriously, they last forever) but at the current sale price of $34.99 on Amazon there’s no reason not to buy at least two for your razor-clawed little buddies.

Jason Fitzpatrick Jason Fitzpatrick
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