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The Best Luxury iPhone Cases (To Match Your Designer Purse)

Want an iPhone case that will keep your phone safe without looking like piece of safety equipment? Here’s our rundown of some of the best super luxury iPhone cases out there, for both iPhone 8 and X, so you can match your case to your fashion sensibilities.

Not only is each case practical when it comes to protecting your expensive phone from bumps and scratches, they’re also eminently stylish and perfect for those that want to make a fashion statement. Designer branded protection for your phone doesn’t come cheap though and they’re also some of the most expensive cases out there—but hey, if you’ve already spent $1000 on your iPhone what’s a little extra cash to jazz it up a bit?

Whether you’re looking for a showy case for your phone or you’re shopping for a friend or loved one to find a perfect case to compliment (or replace) their purse we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find premium picks from premium fashion houses, with options for both iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Louis Vuitton iPhone Monogram Folio Case ($310-$345)

Elegance is key to the Louis Vuitton iPhone Folio Case. Available for both iPhone X and iPhone 7/8, the case opens up like the most stylish wallet you’ve ever encountered. Its classic LV monogram canvas is eye catching but subtle too, so it fits into any occasion. Other colors are also available including Rose, Blue, and Yellow.

It’s a slim fit so your iPhone won’t feel too bulky in your hand or bag. It’s a snug fit too, so the adhesive surface integrated into its shape keeps your phone secure at all times. It’s sturdy enough to protect it from numerous bumps and knocks, as well as scratches.

Gucci GG Marmont iPhone 7 case ($370)

Technically an iPhone 7 case, the Gucci GG Marmont iPhone 7 case will also happily keep your iPhone 8 secure too. Made in matelassé chevron leather—much like many of Gucci’s shoulder bags—the case fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the rest of the product range. A quilted heart is the centerpiece of the case, and looks cute yet classy. It’s inspired by an archival motif from the 1970s.

In terms of protection, it keeps your iPhone secure from regular knocks and scrapes. Really though, this is a great fashion item that’s sure to be a hit with people that know their labels and how they should look. It’s also available in black leather.

Mulberry iPhone Grain Leather Flip Case ($160)

Available in four different colors, the Mulberry iPhone Grain Leather Flip Case works with the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8. It looks a lot like a smart leather wallet, encasing your iPhone behind its leather shell. Unclip the case via its magnetic closure mechanism, and you’re provided with a place to store two of your cards, as well as a secure housing for your iPhone.

Because it’s a wallet style case, it’s a little bulkier than some other cases, but if you want to keep your iPhone safe and retain some of the functionality of a purse or clutch, it’s perfect. The ability to stash your cards with your phone ensures your must have items are safe and together at your finger tips.

Michael Michael Kors Carnation Folio Case for iPhone X ($80)

The Michael Michael Kors Carnation Folio Case is super colorful. It’s the ideal case for summer days, when you want to protect your iPhone X in a really vibrant way. Its 100% coated canvas offers a playful exterior with an interior that’s immensely practical.

Inside is room to store your iPhone X safely, along with 3 credit cards, and a small slip pocket for other things too. A magnetic fastening keeps everything secure when your case is closed. It’s essentially a form of purse or clutch, exclusively for your iPhone. If you’re keen on the concept, but need a case for the iPhone 7 or 8, there are numerous other Michael Kors cases available too.

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone Cover With Printed Dauphine Calfskin Detail ($325)

Is a folio case too bulky for your needs but you still want a classy designer cover to protect your iPhone? That’s where the Dolce & Gabbana iPhone cover perfectly fulfils your needs. The cover works just like any other cover, slotting over your iPhone’s casing to give it a layer of protection.

Where this one differs is through the print it offers. It depicts an ‘Amore’ can with a playful romantic twist for those looking for something that’s really distinctive. There’s still openings for the camera, as well as side buttons. If you need something more lightweight than a full case, the Dolce & Gabbana iPhone cover is cute yet memorable. It’s available for iPhone X, iPhone 7/8 Plus, and iPhone 7/8.

Greenwich Walker Alcantara Folio Case ($190)

The Greenwich Walker Alcantara Folio Case isn’t just rather stylish. It’ll also keep your iPhone safe from many perils. It looks gorgeous thanks to high-quality materials and expert tailoring. Alongside that, it offers a snug fit with a carbon fiber lining—that the company calls shotgun proof, though we certainly hope it never comes to that—meaning it’s the ultimate in luxury protection for your iPhone.

Now, obviously, you don’t want to actually test that promise for yourself, but it’s a sharp insight into what to expect from this case. It’s not going to let you down, and it’ll look great while it’s doing its job. It also has a hidden card slot and its flip-back magnetic folio cover is perfect for easier usability during phone calls. It’s all round classy.

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