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Keep Your Devices Alive with Mophie’s New 44,400 mWh Portable Powerhouse

Mophie Powerstation Go

Mophie has expanded its universal battery lineup with a new “Powerstation Go” that has enough juice to jump start your dead car battery and recharge all your devices on the go—including those that support wireless charging.

If you’re fed up with the “all-day” battery in your smartphone or laptop not making it past dinner time, Mophie has a full suite of portable batteries that can extend the lifespan of your favorite devices. The company has been quietly selling a new high capacity model that has officially become available today, according to an announcement we received.

This new 44,400 mWh battery brick measures 7.17 x 3.82 x 1.65 inches, weighs more than a pound and a half, and packs enough power to jump start an SUV. In fact, the company says you can jump start a full-size SUV up to 35 times or a lawnmower up to 94 times when the Powerstation Go is fully charged. That’s a lot of jump starts.

Portable batteries are a dime a dozen if you’re just looking for a model that has enough oomph to recharge your smartphone on the go, but it can be harder to find models that support the higher output requirements of recharging a laptop. The Powestation Go has a standard AC outlet on the side of the box where you can plug in a 65 watt laptop charger.

Additionally, the top of the powerpack has a 5 watt Qi wireless charging pad where you can toss a device that supports wireless charging, the front has two USB-A ports for your typical 5 volt electronics, and the side features an LED floodlight that automatically turns off after two hours so you don’t accidentally burn through the whole battery.

Mophie Powerstation Go

Again, this thing is probably overkill if you’re just looking to get your smartphone battery across the finish line after a long day of heavy usage, but it seems super handy to have in the trunk of your car or at the bottom of your backpack if you need to be sure that your devices will never die. It can provide up to three charge cycles on an iPhone X, or up to 63.4 hours of additional talk time.

With the amount of consideration put into the features available on the Powerstation Go, it would have been nice if it also included at least one USB-C port. The company does, however, throw in a pile of accessories along with the battery brick itself. You’ll also get a set of spark-proof mini jumper cables, a USB to micro-USB cable, a car charger, an AC adapter, and a carrying pouch.

The announcement we received didn’t include pricing information but there’s an “exclusive” model currently listed on HSN with an MSRP of $169.99 (actually selling for $109.99), and that sounds about right judging from the pricing on Mophie’s other power packs.

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