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FasTeesH Can Brush Your Teeth in 10 Seconds Flat

A woman with a mouth guard attached to a handle in her mouth, brushing her teeth.

Brushing your teeth is a chore—literally. And while you’re supposed to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself twice while brushing to hit that two-minute mark, you probably rush it. What if you only needed to brush for ten seconds? That’s what FasTeesh promises, for the small price of $125.

Just Keep Brushing, Just Keep Brushing

A mouth guard with tiny bristles plugged into a charging base.

FasTeesh says it solved the brushing problem with math. Your mouth has 32 teeth (well, hopefully anyway) with three visible angles, for a total of 96 faces. If you brush your teeth for the two-minutes that dentists recommend, FasTeesh says you’re probably averaging just under four seconds of brushing per tooth.

That’s assuming you brush evenly across your mouth and avoid inadvertently focusing on one side or the other too long. But what if you brush every tooth at once?

FasTeesh’s cleaning system (dubbed the Y-Brush) takes the guesswork out of the process. At first glance, it looks like a mouthguard filled with tiny brushes. Spread your favorite toothpaste across it, insert, and bite down. The 96 clusters of nylon bristles will go to work on either your upper or lower teeth and brush them with varying angles for five seconds.

Once it’s finished, take the mouthguard out, reapply toothpaste, flip, and reinsert to get your other set of teeth. Even though you’ll spend less time in the brushing process, your teeth will get more individual attention than they would by brushing manually.

A CES Kickstarter That Delivered

FasTeesh is a rare unicorn among weird products. You’ll find it at CES, and it previously ran a Kickstarter campaign. All too often, products at either CES or Kickstarter don’t deliver, but FasTeesh did. And if you missed out on the campaign, you can order it now from the company’s online store.

The Y-Brush itself costs an initial $125. It comes with a charging dock, and you can choose from various size mouthguards for a good fit. Like all toothbrushes, you’ll have to replace the bristles occasionally, and as such, a new mouthguard piece goes for $30. Each mouthguard should last around six months. Compared to other electric toothbrushes, that pricing isn’t unreasonable.

Source: Tech Radar

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