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Samsung’s ‘Privacy Choices’ App Lets You See What Data Your TV is Collecting

Samsung 8K smart TV

You may have heard the adage that data is the new oil. That’s a strange comparison but there’s no two ways about it: data is becoming increasingly valuable and companies would love to know everything about you. Addressing this concern, Samsung has announced a new smart TV app that will give you more insight and control over the data collected by the company’s televisions.

Called “Privacy Choices” the app will let you see what data is being collected about you based on your watching habits and you’ll reportedly be able to opt out if you’d rather not share that information with Samsung or whoever else might be on the receiving end. Unfortunately, details are pretty thin beyond that.

The app was briefly unveiled during a preview for Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup at CES, but so far it hasn’t been made available for demonstration on the smart TVs that conference attendees are allowed to play with. We’re looking to get hands-on with this if possible, and we’ll be closely following any developments.

If nothing else, it’s safe to assume the company will include the app on its upcoming smart TV releases, of which includes a new bezel-free 8K model. But we have our fingers crossed for Privacy Choices to roll out on all of the company’s existing smart TVs—or at least the ones that are currently relevant.

Source: Engadget

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