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Moen’s New Water Sensor Warns You About Your Leaky Home

A Flo Smart Water sensor next  to a Flo by Moen water monitor and cardboard boxes.

In addition to offering smart showers and faucets, Moen is all about monitoring the water in your home. While the company’s original smart product, Flo by Moen, monitored your water mains and required a plumber to install, its latest sensor is cheap, easy to install, and spots even a small leak.

A Cute Little Sensor

If you’re living an older home (and sometimes even if you’re in a new home), water leaks are a dreaded problem. Left unchecked, a leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage. And somehow leaks only ever appear when you’re out of town, or in that one corner of the basement you seldom visit.

Moen’s new Smart Water Sensor can help solve that problem. You can place it nearly anywhere in your home. It comes with a little mount you can attach to a surface like a nearby wall and a sensor cable you place where you suspect a leak may occur. Once you have it set, pair it with the Flo by Moen app (for iOS and Android).

If the sensor detects water (as little one drop per hour), high humidity, or freezing temperature, it will send a push notification to your phone. And if you already have the Flo by Moen smart water shutoff valve, the two can work together to cut your water and prevent any damage to your home.

You can pre-order the Smart Water Sensor on Moen’s site today. Sensors cost $50 each or $130 for three. Moen says the sensor will be available on Amazon in March.

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