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Philips Hue’s New Outdoor Lights Will Brighten Your Night

A driveway lined by two pedestal smart lights.

Philips Hue is one of the most well-known brands in the smart lighting world. The company makes bulbs that are often brighter and more colorful than the competition. That’s great for your living room, but the company’s outdoor offerings were somewhat scant. That’s going to change thanks to three new options.

A Bright and Colorful Night

Two wall mounted lights shining blue light up and down vertically.

If you always arrive home after dark and have to stumble your way to the door, some outdoor lighting will help. While you could grab some excellent solar-powered lights, smart outdoor lights come with extra benefits like color options, scheduling, and advanced motion detection.

Whether you’re already in the Philips ecosystem or just starting to dive in, now you can expand your outdoor lights with three new options.

First up is a larger version of an existing Philips Hue product, the Lily Spot XL. It looks just like the Lily Spot—only bigger. If the original seemed too small to provide enough light, then hopefully, the XL will hit the spot (pun intended). Philips says the Lily Spot will go for $140.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, the Hue Econic lights should fit the bill. These are low-voltage pedestal sets that Signify promises won’t require an electrician to install. The company listed the Econic lights at $130, but it wasn’t clear if that includes one pedestal light or more.

Finally, if you prefer wall lighting, the Appear lights (seen above) are wall-mounted and display in all the fanciful colors we’ve grown to expect from Hue lighting. Appear lights will cost $140 each.

Signify says we can expect to see all three light options sometime around mid-march.

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