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The Best Pet Cams for Cats, Dogs, and Their Doting Owners

Pet cams are a convenient way to make sure your fur babies are safe (and staying out of mischief) while you’re not home. Check out our roundup of best pet cams that not only entertain and calm your pet down, but give you peace of mind.

Obviously our picks have a camera so that you can see what your pets are doing while you’re at work, but if that’s all it took to be a pet cam you could just by a Nest Cam and call it good. The key component of a dedicated pet cam are the additional functions like the ability to interact with your pet. Whether you want your pet cam to play fetch with your dog, show lasers for your cat, or allow you to have a two-way video call with your pet, we’ve got the best options for you.

Best Multi-Function Pet Cam: Pawbo ($179)

Most pet cams have only one or two interactive features for you to entertain your pet. The Pawbo Pet Cam has it all, from talking to your pet to giving treats to even playing laser games. Pawbo has two-way audio so you can listen and talk to your pet, which can be handy if you need to soothe your pooch in a pinch. It also allows for video recording, letting you store videos and snapshots on your phone.

The treat dispenser on the Pawbo drops a treat out of the bottom of the device. You can use this to train your pets to respond to ringtone notifications from the cam by rewarding them with treats or, if you’re particularly ambitious, to even perform a trick for you. This pet cam also has a laser pointer game that lets you play with your pet by controlling the laser manually or automatically via the app on your phone. The mobile app can control more than one camera if you have multiple Pawbo cams set up in your house. Lastly, the whole family (up to 8 people) can link to the camera to watch your pets when they’re away from home!

Best Two-Way Communication Pet Cam: PetChatz ($350)

It’s great being able to see your pet when you’re at work, but what about letting your pet see you? The PetChatz HD Pet Cam has two-way audio and video. Start the chat in silent mode so you can see and hear your pet, then press the chat button so that your pet can see your face and hear your voice. This is a great tool if your pet is anxious when you’re not around. Along with the two-way video feature to help with anxiety, this pet cam can also release aromatherapy scents to calm down your animal; and with a subscription, you can stream DogTV to keep your pup entertained by other dogs during the day. If you’re dubious about the benefits of a streaming service for dogs, each camera purchase comes with 2 free months of DogTV so your pup can try it out.

With the PetChatz app on your phone or laptop, you can record and share videos and photos while interacting with your pup or kitty at the same time. You can even keep tabs on your pet with the noise and motion detection feature (just enable the alerts). PetChatz also has a safe design, with round edges and no cords for your pet to chew. What your pets can chew are the treats that the device can dispense with the touch of a button on your app. The only downside with this is that the dispenser only fits PetChatz treats or smaller.

If PetChatz wasn’t enough and you’re looking for a more interactive way to stay in touch with your pet, try the PetChatz Paw Bundle feature that allows your pet to call you by stepping on a paw-shaped pad to initiate the call.

Best Laser Toy Pet Cam: Petcube ($150)

If you really liked the laser feature from the Pawbo Pet Cam but you don’t need the extra cost or the treats, the Petcube is a close competitor that’s cheaper and simpler. The Petcube has a built-in laser toy that you can easily control from your phone or automatically set up to play with and exercise your pet at specific times. The laser is also certified and safe for your pet, so you can be away and not have to worry about your dog or cat.

The Petcube camera has a 138-degree angle view with a 3x zoom, and a night vision option. See your pet in HD with the Petcube app, which allows you to capture images and videos to keep or share (you can even integrate it with social media). The app also gives you the option to subscribe for up to 30 days of video history.  Petcube even has two-way audio that allows you to hear and speak to your pet. Lastly (aside from the laser, camera, and audio) the Petcube can send your phone push notifications if there are any major disturbances in your home pet-driven or otherwise.

Best Treat-Tossing Pet Cam: Furbo ($200) 

Most treat-dispensing cams just drop the treat below the device. Where’s the fun in that? The Furbo Dog Cam can toss it so your dog can get exercise and play catch even when you’re not there. This dog cam/treat-tosser was a top pick in our article Awesome Gadgets for Busy Dog Lovers, so you know it’s a good choice. The Furbo can even work with Amazon’s Alexa, so you can ask Alexa to tell Furbo to toss a treat every hour (or however often you want to spoil your pet).

The camera has a 160-degree angle view, day or night; it also has a 2-way audio chat like most of the other cams on this list. If your dog is barking, you can talk to them through the chat to calm them down. Furbo will even send you push notifications if your dog is barking (but if you don’t like this, you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor). If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that’s still good at spoiling your pet, check out the Petzi Treat Cam.

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