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Your T-Mobile Service Probably Got Better Last Week

If you’re on T-Mobile—or a smaller network that uses it, like MetroPCS or Google’s Project Fi—your cell service might’ve gotten a lot better over the last week or two.

T-Mobile announced over the weekend that it has upgraded towers in hundreds of sites with mid- and low-band frequencies. The benefits of this is technical, but the important bit is that lower frequencies allow cell signal to reach farther and penetrate buildings better. That means whether you’re in the city or the country, there will be fewer dead spots and more coverage area. Verizon in particular has had a lot of coverage in low frequency ranges but after winning a license to use low frequency spectrum at an FCC auction last year, T-Mobile is catching up.

Of course you don’t care about spectrum auctions or cell signal frequencies. What you really want to know is “Does this affect me?” Well, if the absolutely massive list of cities that have been upgraded is any indication, then the answer is probably yes. T-Mobile executive Neville Ray tweeted a gargantuan list of 260 cities that have been upgraded with mid-range frequencies and 223 cities upgraded with low frequencies. You can read the entire list at the source link below. The company says they have even more to come so if your city (somehow) isn’t on this list then just sit tight. The upgrades are coming.

Source: Android Police

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