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14 Products to Make Baby Bath Time Safe and Fun

A baby covered in soap sitting in a little tub while his mother bathes him.

Giving your baby a bath should be fun, but wet babies are slippery and wiggly! Keeping them safe while also getting them clean can be a bit of a struggle. We’ve selected some items to help you keep bath time fun, easy, and safe.

Safety Tips

You usually don’t have to bathe a baby under 12-months-old more than three times a week. They don’t get sweaty and don’t do much that can get them dirty. Plus, bathing a baby every day can easily dry out his sensitive skin and lead to rashes and discomfort.

The following tips can help you make baby’s bath time as safe as possible:

  • Use an infant bath: A toddler might have fun in a regular bathtub, but an infant—especially when just a few months old—needs a tub made for her tiny frame. You can use a small plastic infant tub, a cushion, or something similar. Just make sure it meets all safety requirements and fits either in the sink or bathtub.
  • Keep the temperature just right: Again, babies have sensitive skin. They can’t sit in water that’s too hot, or they’ll get burned. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a baby’s bathwater be no warmer than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure to use a thermometer to check.
  • Don’t use too much soap: Because infants really don’t get very dirty, they don’t need a thorough washing. Too much soap (even the hydrating kind) actually dries out their skin. Try to limit using soap on a baby to three times per week, at most.
  • Keep baby warm: Try to take your baby’s clothes off right before you put him in the bath, so he doesn’t get cold. Likewise, the moment you take him out of the water, wrap him in a towel, dry him off, and get him dressed again.
  • Constantly monitor your baby in the bath: Babies can drown in as little as one or two inches of water. As they get older, they also start moving around a lot and could hit their head or grab something dangerous.

Keep the Temp Just Right with the Dreambaby Room and Bath Duck Thermometer

The Dreambaby Room and Bath Duck Thermometer.

As we noted above, maintaining the right water temperature for your baby is extremely important. A hand test isn’t very accurate, but the Dreambaby Room and Bath Duck Thermometer is ideal. It quickly gives an accurate digital temperature reading and updates automatically every 10 seconds to maintain the correct temperature.

Another nice thing about it is the indicator light flashes red when the water is getting too hot or green it’s getting too cold. It’s also a toy for your baby to play with when she starts getting more curious about her environment.

You can also use it to check the temperature in your baby’s room.

Keep the Temperature Just Right

Dreambaby Baby Bath & Room Thermometer - Floating Toy Temperature Safety Monitor - Yellow Duck

The Dreambaby Room and Bath Duck Thermometer gives you an accurate reading of the bathwater temp, and flashes red if it's too hot.

Prevent Water From Escaping with the OXO Tot Tub Stopper

An OXO Tot Tub Stopper in Aqua.

One of the most annoying things about taking a bath is the water slowly escaping down the drain. It’s even more irritating if you only need a small amount of water to begin with, which is the case if you just want to give your baby bath. The OXO Tot Tub Stopper keeps bathwater in the tub and prevents it from draining too quickly.

The suction cup on this tub stopper creates a watertight seal that won’t break or allow water to get through. This enables you to fill up the tub without having to leave the water running.

Prevent Water From Escaping

OXO Tot Drain Stopper - Aqua

The suction cup on the OXO Tot Tub Stopper creates a watertight seal to prevent bathwater from going down the drain.

The Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover Can Prevent Injuries

The blue-whale-shaped Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover in blue.
Skip Hop

Whether you’re bathing a child in the bathtub or the sink, a faucet can be dangerous. As they get older and start moving around more, babies can bump their head on a faucet or fall into it and get hurt. To prevent this sort of thing from happening, you can put the Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover over the faucet. It softens the blow if your baby happens to bump his head on it. It’s also shaped like an adorable little whale your baby will love looking at.

The adjustable strap allows this to fit most faucets, and it’s made of soft, BPA-free rubber. It’s also mildew-resistant, but you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Prevent Injuries

Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Universal Fit, Moby, Blue

You fit the Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover over the faucet, so your baby won't bump his head.

Wash Baby with Burt’s Bees Washcloths

Burt’s Bees Baby Wash Cloths
Burt’s Bees

You need a ton of little washcloths for your baby because they go through them so quickly. Burt’s Bees Baby Wash Cloths are perfect for lathering up your little one and even washing her hair. Made of organic cotton, they’re also soft, safe, and earth-friendly.

These washcloths will last through a ton of washes without getting hard or scratchy too quickly. They’re super-absorbent, but small enough to handle easily. They’re also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

To Wash Baby

Burt's Bees Baby Washcloths, Absorbent Knit Terry, Super Soft 100% Organic Cotton

Burt's Bees Baby Washcloths are made of organic cotton, so they're super soft, absorbent, and durable.

Keep Baby Dry with the San Francisco Baby Organic Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel

San Francisco Baby Organic Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel
San Francisco Baby

The moment your baby gets out of the bath, you want to wrap him in a clean, cozy towel to keep him nice and warm. The San Francisco Baby Organic Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel is perfect because the hood (complete with cute little animal ears) will even keep baby’s head warm. The organic bamboo makes this towel super-plush, so it’s incredibly soft and comfy for your little one.

On top of all this, your baby will look adorable when he’s wrapped in it—the animal ears make this a photo op waiting to happen.

For All the Bubbles: BabyGanics Bubble Bath

A bottle of BabyGanics Bubble Bath.

While a bubble bath isn’t quite as fun for a newborn as it is for a toddler, it gives your baby something to look at while you get them clean. The BabyGanics Bubble Bath is ideal because it’s made of plant-based ingredients. It’s safe to use on your baby because it doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, or artificial dyes or fragrances. It’s also truly tear-free if it gets in baby’s eyes.

Even though it’s made of organic ingredients, it still lathers nicely and creates lots of bubbles with just a small amount.

For All the Bubbles

Babyganics Bubble Bath, Non-Allergenic, Gently Cleanses, Fragrance Free, 20 Fl Oz, Packaging May Vary

BabyGanics Bubble Bath is made of organic, plant-derived ingredients for baby's sensitive skin.

Sensitive Soap: Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo

A bottle of Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo.

While you don’t want to wash a baby’s skin with soap every day, you can do it about three times a week during their first year. Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo is a terrific option because it’s tear-, soap-, paraben-, and phthalate-free. The hypoallergenic formula also lathers up nicely and rinses clean without leaving your little one’s skin too dry. It works well on even the most sensitive skin.

The light fragrance smells fresh without being overpowering, and will have you enjoying your baby’s scent all night. It’s super-gentle, and a little goes a long way.

There’s a reason this is a constant favorite among parents and pediatricians alike!

For Cradle Cap: Mustela Foam Shampoo

A pump bottle of Mustela Foam Shampoo.

Cradle cap is a common skin condition that leaves a baby’s scalp visibly dry and flakey. While it doesn’t hurt them, it’s something most parents try to get rid of. Standard shampoo won’t eliminate cradle cap, especially if it’s severe. However, Mustela’s Foam Shampoo is made specifically for this condition, and it genuinely works.

Made of all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, Mustela is safe for babies and gently cleans their scalp without leaving it dry. As it cleanses, it rinses away the flakes that come with cradle cap. You’ll notice a huge difference after just a few washes. Plus, the pump bottle couldn’t be easier to use, and just a little bit lathers up like crazy.

For Cradle Cap

Mustela Cradle Cap Foam Shampoo for Newborn - Baby Shampoo with Natural Avocado - Tear-Free & Fragrance-Free - 5.07 fl. oz.

Mustela Foam Shampoo lathers up nicely and is a gentle way to get rid of cradle cap flakes on your baby's scalp.

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment to Keep Baby’s Skin Soft

A tube of Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment.

The right wash for a baby leaves their skin feeling soft, but if you want to moisturize even further, you can rub them with some lotion after their bath. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is made with a baby’s sensitive skin in mind. In addition to hydrating, it can also heal chapped skin, minor scratches, drool rash, and even prevent diaper rash.

It barely has a fragrance and, once again, a little bit goes a long way.

Keep Baby's Skin Soft

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant, Dry Skin and Diaper Rash Ointment, 7 Oz Tube

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment keeps baby's skin soft and can even heal some skin issues.

Prevent Congestion: Fridababy Breathefrida Vapor Bath Drops

One bottle of fridababy Breathefrida Vapor Drops in the packaging and one out of the packaging.

Few things are worse than a congested baby. These fridababy Breathefrida Vapor Bath Drops ease congestion and prevent it from getting too bad. Made with organic eucalyptus and lavender oils, these bath drops smell wonderful and help clear up a congested nose as they mix with the warm water.

As a bonus, you can also add a few drops to a diffuser or humidifier to make your baby’s bedroom healthier and help him breathe better when he has a cold.

Prevent Congestion

Frida Baby Breathefrida Vapor Bath Drops

Fridababy Breathefrida Vapor Bath Drops smell great and keep baby from getting too congested.

Bath Toy Storage: OXO Tot Stand Up Bath Toy Bin

A rubber duckie sitting next to an OXO Tot Stand Up Bath Toy Bin filled with bath toys.

During the first few months of a baby’s life, they don’t really need bath toys—just being in the water is exciting enough. As they get older, though, toys become a necessity to keep them occupied. Eventually, you’ll find yourself with a mountain of them. That’s where the OXO Tot Stand Up Bath Toy Bin comes in to keep everything in one place.

This bin holds a lot of toys, and the freestanding design means you can put it anywhere—not just beside the tub. The drainage holes in the bottom allow the water to drain out easily, and the rubber-grip handle makes it easy to grab, even when it’s wet.

For Safe Rinsing: Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup

Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup
Skip Hop

When you bathe your baby, she’s not sitting in a high amount of water, so you have to scoop it up and pour it over her to get her wet, and then rinse off any soap or shampoo. The adorable Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup is perfect for this! It holds just the right amount of water.

Plus, the way it’s shaped allows a steady stream of water to pour out, making it different than just a standard cup. The rubber lip on the end allows you to rest it on your baby’s forehead, so no water gets in her eyes as you rinse. It also has an easy-grip handle so, even when it’s wet and baby is wiggling, you’ll have no trouble using it.

For Safe Rinsing

Skip Hop Baby Bath Rinse Cup, Moby Tear-free Waterfall Rinser, Blue

The Skip Hop Moby Bath Cup allows you to easily pour water over your baby's head without getting it in her eyes.

For Scrubbing: Big Bee, Little Bee ScrubBEE Silicone Hand and Body Scrubber

The Big Bee, Little Bee ScubBEE Silicone Hand and Body Scrubber.
Big Bee, Little Bee

Because babies don’t get all that dirty, you don’t need to scrub them too often. However, if your little one (or an older child) needs a good scrubbing, the Big Bee Little Bee ScrubBEE is perfect. Shaped like a little beehive and honeycomb, it features super-soft silicone bristles that are gentle enough for sensitive infant skin but will also clean thoroughly.

The soft handle won’t trap any water, and it’s textured to make it easier to grip. It also offers a fun way for kids to learn how to clean themselves. As they get older, it can also be used for handwashing.

For You: Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad Set

The Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad Set on a tub.

If you’re bathing your child in a bathtub, you’ll find that you have to spend a lot of time on your knees with your elbows resting on a very hard surface—not exactly the most comfortable position. The Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad Set will make things way more comfortable. These pads for your knees and elbows give you a nice cushion for your joints, and they won’t absorb any odors.

The elbow pad has suction cups on the bottom, so it will sit firmly on the tub and keep your arms from slipping while you hold your baby in the tub. There are also two big mesh pockets on the tub-side for toy storage, and two big pockets on the outside for bath products or anything else you need to keep handy.

For You

CHRIQUIWAY Baby Bath Kneeler, with Mesh Bag, Thick Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest pad, Baby Bathtub Cushion for Knee and Arm, Baby Knee Pads, Bath Toy Organizer for Happy Baby Bath Time

The Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad Set is comfortable, stable, easy to clean, and includes storage pockets for toys, bath products, or anything else you need.

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