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Say Hello to the World’s First 360 Hz Gaming Monitor

Asus ROG Swift 360Hz gaming monitor from the front

Let’s be honest: most people don’t need gaming monitors with ridiculously-high frame rates. After all, your experience with Microsoft Office won’t be that much better on a 240 Hz panel than it would on a 60 Hz panel. The same can’t be said of games, which provide improved experiences at higher frame rates. Enter Asus, which tries to maximize those experiences with the ROG Swift 360Hz gaming monitor.

As it says right in the name, the 24.5-inch ROG Swift 360Hz is billed as “the world’s first 360 Hz monitor.” That means the panel refreshes 360 times per second, six times as often as a normal 60 Hz monitor and 50% faster than a 240 Hz screen. Even though the panel has a 1080p resolution, you must have a powerful computer to run games at 360 Hz. Compatible titles include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege, just to name a few.

Looking at the list of compatible titles, it’s no surprise the ROG Swift 360Hz is mainly geared toward e-sports players. Asus worked with Nvidia to stick a G-Sync processor inside of the monitor and attain the high frame rate. According to Nvidia, getting higher frame rates allow for smoother animations in games, reduced tearing and ghosting, and the ability to see enemies earlier.

The company also claims flick shot improvements of up to 37 percent over a normal 60 Hz monitor, according to a study the company’s research department conducted in November 2019. Again, this monitor isn’t for those flicking between browser windows, but for those flicking their weapons toward opponents.

The ROG Swift 360Hz will arrive later this year, though Asus didn’t announce pricing.

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