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The Muse S Promises to Help You Meditate and Fall Asleep

Muse S from the front

I take a dietary supplement with melatonin and vitamin B-6 each night to help me get drowsy and fall asleep. It works more often than not, but I still have trouble sleeping from time to time. I don’t know if the Muse S is the end-all, be-all wearable for my sleep troubles, but it might offer more than enough to help.

The Muse S is like its predecessors in that it’s a brain-sensing headband. Muse has been making such headbands since 2013, though the company’s made more than a few adjustments in the design department. Gone are the rubber-like cushions and external metal pieces, and in is a breathable fabric designed for improved fit and comfort.

Muse S in use while someone is sleeping

The “S” in the Muse S isn’t just for soft, however—it’s also for sleep. In that regard, the Muse S offers its Go-to-Sleep Journeys. The feature combines voice-guided meditation with soundscapes to help relax your mindset and get you ready for sleep. If you don’t care for the sleeping part, the Muse S offers “biofeedback-enhanced meditation” that measures your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movement. The idea is to provide real-time feedback on your meditation and give you a full report once you finish your meditation.

Rounding out the feature set are Bluetooth 4.2, compatibility with Android and iOS, and 10 hours of continuous use.

The Muse S is available in North America for $349.99, a steeper price than the Muse 2’s starting $249.99 price tag. That said, our sister site How-To Geek awarded the Muse S the best wellness wearable of CES 2020.

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