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Spectrum Is Killing Its Home Security Service and Will Brick All Users’ Equipment

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Subscribers to Spectrum’s home security services are about to eat a big one. The cable company has posted a notice on its website telling customers that their home security services will be terminated in a couple of weeks. Damn. That sucks if you just spent hundreds of dollars installing now-useless security equipment.

Come February 5, such will be the case for anyone who has invested in cameras, motion sensors, smart thermostats, and in-home touchscreens through Spectrum’s home security services. Pretty much all of it will become useless in the first week of February.

Some of the items may still work as a standalone device, but you won’t be able to access them with your smartphone—an important point since these are generally smart devices that you want to access from your phone. Spectrum says that the suppliers who have been providing the equipment and network services required for your gear to operate will be shutting down their networks or ceasing operations.

You’ll stop being billed for those services when they are terminated on February 5, but you won’t be refunded for any of the equipment you’ve purchased. What the hell Spectrum? Customers who have tried calling in to work something out aren’t even having luck getting credit toward their upcoming Spectrum bills.

Hey, your home security system is about to disappear and you’re out the $500 you paid to have it set up, but don’t worry because Spectrum “is dedicated to making this as smooth a transition as possible.”

No really, that’s their line. And the smooth transition they speak of requires you to buy a whole new set of equipment with security companies that Spectrum has made deals with. You can sign up at a discount for similar security services with the companies Ring or Abode.

Those special deals:

  • You can get a “free” Ring alarm security kit if you buy a year of professional monitoring for $340. The kit includes an alarm base station, three contact sensors, one motion sensor, a keypad, and one range extender. They throw in free installation, too. There are no cameras, but you’ll get 25% off Ring cameras and doorbells over $100.
  • Over at Abode, you can get a package that costs $179 per year and includes a gateway, motion sensor, streaming camera, key fob and keypad, and three door or window sensors.

Thanks, Spectrum.

Source: Spectrum via The Verge

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