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Facebook Will Now Tell You When Your Account Is Used to Log in to a Third Party

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From the Cambridge Analytica scandal and privacy concerns to the Libra cryptocurrency and this year’s U.S. elections, Facebook’s faced public scrutiny on a variety of topics over the last two years. Hoping to improve its platform on the privacy front, Facebook today announced a new feature that promises to give you more control over your information.

Called Login Notifications, the feature notifies you when you log into a third-party app using Facebook Login. It also notifies you when you re-use Facebook Login to log into a third-party app after an app’s access to your information has expired. Notifications show up through the Facebook app, the Facebook app, and the email address associated with your Facebook account.

Sample notification from Facebook feature Login Notifications

Regardless of how you get the notifications, they all include details on what information is being shared with the third-party app. You can click the Edit Settings button to revoke an app’s access to your data at any point.

The Edit Settings button isn’t a new feature in and of itself, since you can go into your Facebook settings and do the same thing from the Apps and Websites section. That said, Login Notifications help you detect unauthorized access or use of your information. The feature also better informs you of what data third-party apps have access to.

The Login Notifications feature is rolling out now.

Source: Facebook via ZDNet

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