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Logitech’s New ERGO K860 Keyboard is Beautiful and Wrist Friendly

The ERGO K860 next to an ergonomic mouse on a wood desk.

Logitech has a new keyboard for you, and as usual for the company, it’s functional and ready to work with all your devices. But what sets the $130 ERGO K860 apart is the shape—it’s a split and curved ergonomic keyboard. And as a long-time ergonomic keyboard user, I can say this definitively: it’s a beautiful looking keyboard.

Let me tell you a story that started a few years ago. I kept dropping things. That might not sound so bad, but it was happening more and more every day. And when it happened, my hand would seize up, and I couldn’t stretch my fingers. It was scary, and I knew I needed to make some changes.

The first thing I did was switch keyboards. I had been typing all day on a cheap, thin, flat keyboard from some no-name brand. I moved to the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and it immediately started making a difference.

The Ergo 360 from the front
This curved shape helps you hold your hands in an ergonomic position. Logitech

That’s because ergonomic keyboards force you to hold your wrists properly. The keyboard’s curved and lifted shape puts your hands into a position that’s akin to gently holding a pair of soap bubbles. And it’s glorious. I’ve stayed with ergonomic keyboards ever since, and anytime I try to switch, I almost immediately feel the pain.

While Microsoft has long been a leader in ergonomic keyboards, you shouldn’t ignore Logitech’s solid keyboard chops. The ERGO K860 is distinct proof of that; it brings several features to the table that Microsoft keyboards lack.

First up is Logitech’s amazing Flow features. You can pair up to three devices from Windows, macOS, or a combination of the two. A quick button press moves you across your devices. And, while it does come with a unifying receiver (a USB dongle), you can also pair over Bluetooth. If you have more than one Logitech device with a unifying receiver, you can pair all of them to one dongle.

I had to throw away my Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard because the USB dongle broke, and you couldn’t pair it to a new one. So Logitech is winning my heart with its convenience.

Like most ergonomic keyboards, the ERGO K860 has a big pillowy pad for your wrists, and three layers comprise this one: a memory foam layer, a high-density foam layer, and an easy-to-clean surface layer.

Most ergonomic keyboards feature a stand under your wrists (towards the space bar) instead of under your fingers (towards the number row). But it’s usually a fixed stand, and at best, you can take it off. The ERGO K860’s kickstand is adjustable between 0, -4, and -7 degree angles of lift, so you can get the feel you want. Thankfully, this keyboard also comes with an integrated numpad.

A topdown view of the ERGO k860, showing a large wrist bar.
The pillow-like wrist bar should be super comfy. Logitech

Logitech says two AAA batteries will give you two years of power, but that does lead to the two potential downsides. It doesn’t feature a rechargeable battery, and to get that incredibly battery life, the keys aren’t backlit. Unfortunately, backlit keys are a rarity on ergonomic keyboards, so Logitech isn’t alone here.

Still, if you’re looking for an ergonomic keyboard that’s sexy, functional, and works with all your devices, the ERGO K860 should be at the top of your consideration list. You can pre-order it today from Logitech’s site, and the company says you should be able to purchase it on Amazon in February.

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