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Stadia Will Soon Have More of the Stuff it Should’ve Had at Launch

Google Stadia controller and accessories on a table
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Subjectively, Google Stadia is a promising cloud gaming service that hasn’t made a proper case for its existence yet. It didn’t help that Stadia had a limited number of exclusive games and missing features at launch. However, Google hopes to rectify matters by rolling out several new Stadia features over the next few months.

On the Stadia Community blog, Google said over 120 games will make it on Stadia in 2020. Over 10 of those games will be launch-exclusives, which means they’ll make it to other platforms at some point after their Stadia launches. The service featured 22 games at launch and added additional titles since then.

As for the more immediate future, Google plans to add four new features to Stadia over the next three months. The features include 4K gaming on the web, additional Google Assistant functionality on the web, support for additional Android smartphones, and wireless gameplay on the web with the Stadia controller. Also, Google will talk more about games headed to Stadia Pro in February.

While it’s nice to see Google gradually bulking up Stadia, these are all features the company boasted about before the service launched, with none of them when it finally debuted. Because of the missing features at launch, people argue Stadia felt (and still feels) like a $129 beta instead of a final product. We wouldn’t have been so hard on Stadia if Google labeled it a beta or if the service offered a free tier, but neither has happened.

That’s not to say Stadia doesn’t have some good bits. The service works surprisingly well and it’s awesome to stream games from a coffee shop. We just hope Google keeps adding Stadia features still missing from launch, such as wireless gameplay on your phone with the Stadia controller, 4K gameplay on your phone, and much more.

Source: Stadia Community via Android Police

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