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10 Excellent Accessories for Docked Switch Play

A man's hands holding Joy-Cons and playing "Breath of the Wild" on a TV.

The Switch’s main selling point has always been its portability. That doesn’t mean docked play should be neglected, though. The Switch makes a great home console, and these excellent accessories can make your at-home play even better!

Since the Switch released, companies have been marketing third-party accessories to fill in the gaps left by Nintendo. Whether it’s alternative dock designs, controllers with unique features and layouts, or simple controller charging docks, whatever you want, you can likely find.

Now, nearly four years since the Switch first came out, the best accessories have risen to the top of the heap!

The Ultimate Dock: Skywin Charging Tower

The Skywin Charging Tower for Nintendo Switch.

Games, controllers, and accessories can take up a lot of space on your entertainment center, so why not get it all in one compact package with Skywin’s charging tower? It has chargers for your Pro Controllers, Joy-Cons, and even the Poké Ball Plus.

You can also store eight game cases and 27 cartridges on it, so all your games will be right by your console. For Switch enthusiasts, this tower makes using your console an easier, more organized experience.

The Ultimate Dock

Best Portable Dock: RREAKA Adapter

The RREAKA Adapter for Nintendo Switch.

If you have the perfect Switch set up in your main room, it can be a pain to move to a different TV. RREAKA’s micro dock makes it easy (and affordable) to have a dock for your Switch in every room. This dock only has two USB ports rather than four like the official dock. However, that’s still enough for a couple of wired controllers or the GameCube controller adapter, and it should suit the needs of most secondary screens.

Because the dock is so small (3.7 x 5 inches), you can easily hide it away when you’re not using it. That, combined with the low price, makes this the perfect portable micro-dock, or set-up for a second TV.

Best Portable Dock

For Easy Game Swapping: FYOUNG Game Card Storage

The FYOUNG Game Card Storage for Nintendo Switch holding seven game cartridges.

If you prefer buying physical Switch games, you know it can be a pain to dig through all those cases when you want to play something new. The FYOUNG Game Card Storage for Switch makes swapping between games a piece of cake. It can hold up to 28 game cartridges.

To use this handy game-storage solution, just latch it on the back of your official Switch dock.

For Easy Game Swapping

Game Card Storage with 28 Game Card Slots Card Holder Compatible with Switch OLED/Switch Game Console

Sometimes, simplicity is king! The FYOUNG Game Card Storage for Switch makes swapping your game cartridges less of a drag.

Best LED Customization: Light-Up Dock Shield by PDP

The "Super Mario Odyssey" Light-Up Dock Shield by PDP.

If you want your dock to pop a bit more, PDP has the product for you. You get two dock plates with the Light-Up Dock Shield: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey. 

You simply place your official Switch dock on top of the included base and plug the small cord into one of the USB ports on the back of the dock. After that, you can use the two buttons on the back of the base to choose from 17 different lighting and color effects.

Best LED Customization

PDP Gaming Custom Light Up Protective Dock Shield: Multicolor - Nintendo Switch

The Light-Up Dock Shield by PDP will make your Switch shine!

Best Controller Charger: FunDirect Controller Charging Dock

The FunDirect Controller Charging Dock with six controllers charging.

If you just want a dock to charge your spare controllers, this one by FunDirect is your best bet. It can charge up to four Joy-Cons and two Pro Controllers simultaneously. Indicator lights let you know when your controllers are charged.

You can plug this charger into any 5-volt, 2-amp USB power source—FunDirect recommends this one, but any should work. However, do keep in mind that FunDirect advises you not to plug its charging dock into the official Switch dock.

Best Controller Charger

Controller Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch, 6 in 1 Charging Station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers and Pro Controllers Black

If your controllers are constantly dying on you, the FunDirect Charging Dock will help you keep them juiced and ready.

Best Pro Controller Alternative: 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad

An 8Bitdo SN30 Bluetooth Pro+ Gamepad.

If you’re looking for a new controller but don’t want to spring for a Pro, 8Bitdo’s SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad is a great alternative. It has all the inputs and features you want (including motion controls) with a few extras up its sleeve.

To get set up, you connect the controller to a PC, install 8Bitdo’s Ultimate Software, and then you can customize button inputs, joystick sensitivity, rumble intensity, and even program macros. Everything is saved to the device’s memory, so you can use it on the Switch.

This makes the SN30 Pro+ one of the most customizable Nintendo Switch controllers you can get, and a more-than-worthy alternative to the official Pro Controller.

Plus, it looks like a modern SNES controller, which is a selling point all on its own!

Best Pro Controller Alternative

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Controller Wireless Gamepad for Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam and Raspberry Pi (SN Edition)

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ has all the features (and then some) you need in a controller.

Best Budget Controller: PowerA Wired Controller

The PowerA Wired Controller.

If you’re on a budget, PowerA’s quality wired controller is just the right price! While the lack of rumble and gyro might prevent you from playing a few games, it works fine for the vast majority of Switch titles.

It’s also a great option if you just want to make sure you have four controllers for couch co-op.

Best Budget Controller

PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch - Black

If you're low on funds, Power A's stripped-down, wired controller does all the most important stuff.

Best Joy-Con Grips: PowerA and FASTSNAIL

If you love using the Joy-Cons, these two products should make that a little more comfortable.

The PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip.

The PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip is a very simple accessory, but it makes playing with the Joy-Cons so much better. It adds more space between the two Joy-Cons, making the button placements more reminiscent of controllers like the Xbox One and Pro Controller.

Its rubber grips also make it easier to hold for longer play sessions.

Best Joy-Con Grips

PowerA Joy Con Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch - Black

If you love your Joy-Cons, the PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip makes them more comfortable!

Two FASTSNAIL Joy-Con Grips.

If you’re on a strict budget and use your Joy-Cons as controllers, these FASTSNAIL Grips make them usable for co-op play. They also make each Joy-Con more comfortable to hold, and the triggers far easier to push than even Nintendo’s official grips.

They also come with a set of joystick sleeves, so you can make those taller if you prefer.

Best Joy-Con Grips

Best When You’re On the Go: iVoler Carrying Case

The iVoler Nintendo Switch Carrying Case with the lid open, showing several cords and controllers inside.

To round off our list, we’ve chosen the iVoler Carrying Case. If you’re the designated Switch-bringer of your gaming group, you need an easy way to transport everything.

You can store the console, dock, a set of Joy-Cons and grip, a Pro Controller, all necessary cords, and up to 18 game cartridges in this case. Plus, its unassuming appearance doesn’t announce what’s inside.

The iVoler Case is scratch-, dust-, and waterproof, so it will protect everything inside from the elements. And, if you drop it, the hard outer shell is shock-absorbing.

Best When You're On the Go
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