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Deal Alert: Get a Free Camera When you Purchase Eufy’s Outdoor Security System

Two Eufy Security cameras and a hub.

One of the reasons we like Eufy camera system so much is the fact that it ditches the cloud and stores your video locally. Eufy’s outdoor security camera also promises no ongoing fees and a year-long battery life. But at $350 for two cameras and a hub, it isn’t cheap. Right now, however, if you buy the Eufycam security system, you can get an extra $150 camera free.

A singly Eufy Cam against a white background.
The spare camera you get for free. Eufy

Eufy’s outdoor security cameras don’t record to the cloud. Instead, you set up a home station with a 16-gigabyte hard drive. When the hard drive is full, the Eufy system will delete the oldest video to make space for new.

Skipping the cloud means skipping ongoing storage fees, which can save you money in the long run. That’s helpful because the Eufy Outdoor Camera security system is expensive—$350 for two cameras and the hub. But right now, if you add both the security system and a spare camera to your Amazon cart, you can get the extra camera for free. You’ll just have to enter BOGOEC99 into the coupon code field.

An extra camera gives you one more vantage point to monitor your property, just keep in mind that more cameras mean more video, which will fill up your hard drive sooner. However, Eufy says it’s working on an update to allow you to expand your storage with a USB hard drive.

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