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Must-Have Apps to Supercharge Your Super Bowl Experience

Super Bowl on the Fox Sports website
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Thirty-two teams entered the 2019 NFL season with the hopes of getting to the Super Bowl, and we’re now down to just two: the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Will Patrick Mahomes guide the Chiefs to its first Super Bowl win in 50 years, or will the 49ers’ defense carry the team to its sixth?

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and learn the answer. However, you don’t just want an answer—you want a good time watching the game. Here are the best apps to make your Super Bowl viewing experience a good one.

Keep up With the Game: Fox Sports

Several images of the Fox Sports app
Google Play Store

Maybe you’re late to the Super Bowl party you promised your mom you’d attend. Perhaps your TV went kaput because it met the wrong end of the remote control when your favorite team lost. The good news is that you can still stream the Super Bowl on the Fox Sports app.

In addition to the big game, you can also watch pre-game coverage, the halftime show, post-game coverage, and highlight plays. If you don’t care about the Chiefs or 49ers, that’s fine—you can still use the app to add your favorite NFL team and keep up with the latest news during the offseason.

Even if you don’t care about football in general, the Fox Sports app has you covered. You can watch highlights across different sports, get personalized news and score updates from your favorite teams, watch other Fox Sports 1 programming, and more.

Fox Sports is free to download for Android, iOS, and Windows, but you must sign in with your TV provider credentials to watch the available programming. The same requirement applies if you visit the Fox Sports website. You can create a profile in the app or website, which syncs your settings across devices.

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Get Your Drink On: Drizly

Several images of the Drizly app
Google Play Store

If you find yourself without alcohol on Super Bowl day, you can visit your local liquor store and pick some up. Alternatively, you can sit back down on your couch and order alcohol with the Drizly app.

Drizly offers thousands of beers, wines, and spirits from liquor stores close to you. Once you’ve made your selections, they can be delivered to you in under 60 minutes. If you don’t live in one of the 101 cities that supports Drizly, you’re not left out to dry. The app offers two- to three-day shipping in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

Keep in mind that you must spend a certain amount to buy alcohol through Drizly. Different stores have different purchase minimums, which you can see when picking a store. Also, don’t think you can get away with being underage—you must show your ID upon delivery or pick-up.

Drizly is free to download for Android and iOS.

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Bring out Your Inner Chef: Paprika

Several images of the Paprika app
Google Play Store

Trying to get food ready in time for the Super Bowl? If you like to cook, Paprika should be at the top of your list.

With the in-app browser, you can search and save recipes from websites through a convenient bookmarklet. There are also a handful of tools to make sure you stay on track while following a recipe. You can check off ingredients as you use them, highlight a specific step in the instructions, and convert different units of measurement. There are even adjustable cook timers and automatic recipe scaling to handle awkward calculations.

With Paprika, you can also create daily, weekly, and monthly meal schedules, generate shopping lists based on those schedules, and even add images to recipes. Paprika is a powerful app, and one we believe is the best premium recipe management app out there.

You can download Paprika for free on Android and iOS, though the free version only lets you save up to 50 recipes. The $4.99 in-app purchase unlocks the full version, which lets you save an unlimited number of recipes and has cloud syncing. There are also Mac and Windows versions of Paprika, each costing $29.99. Keep in mind each version of the app is sold separately.

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Yummy All in Your Tummy: Grubhub

Several images of the Grubhub app
Google Play Store

Cooking is great, but not all of us are masters in the kitchen. I include myself in that group, but Grubhub is here to save my bacon.

Through the app, you can order food from over 140,000 restaurants in over 2,700 cities across the U.S. You can order from restaurant chains like Taco Bell, Subway, and more, but Grubhub specializes in local food delivery. That’s a good and bad thing—you support local businesses, but your cuisine options are limited by how diverse these businesses are.

It usually takes about an hour for your order to arrive, though the delivery time changes based on your location and the restaurant’s location. Before placing an order, you can see the estimated delivery time and select a tip amount. The tip can come from the card you’re using to order the food or cold hard cash.

Once you place an order, sit back and relax. You can track your order, but you can’t directly contact the courier. Instead, you can contact Grubhub from within the app to try and rectify any issues you have with the order. You can also contact the restaurant with questions.

Grubhub is free to download for Android and iOS.

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See What Others Are Saying: Twitter

Several images of the Twitter app
Google Play Store

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in real-time, Twitter is the place to do it. That’s especially true during live sporting events like the Super Bowl.

Twitter uses hashtags to tie together tweets from different people. You can follow hashtags for the Chiefs, 49ers, or for the Super Bowl game itself. You can also follow other hashtags based on your interests or what’s trending at the time.

Given how quickly you can put out a tweet to the world and the direct line you have to others, Twitter taps into your impulsive side, for better and worse. As with other social media platforms, how you use Twitter is up to you.

Twitter is free to download for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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Know Your Stuff: Kahoot!

Several images of the Kahoot app
Google Play Store

You’ve set up the stream, ordered the beer, and started to eat the food. However, the Super Bowl hasn’t started yet, and you want a way to entertain the guests. One way to entertain is with Kahoot!

With the app, you can create and find quizzes (kahoots) based on the Super Bowl and American football. You can also host kahoots and invite others to play. If people want to answer questions on their own devices, all you have to do is create a kahoot and provide participants with a PIN.

Once the Super Bowl is over, you can keep using Kahoot! in other places. For example, teachers can integrate the app into their lesson plans. Companies can also incorporate Kahoot! into presentations and quiz their employees.

Kahoot! is free to download for Android and iOS. The free version allows for up to 10 players per game. Kahoot! Plus is an in-app subscription allowing for up to 200 players per game, open-ended questions, access to the app’s Getty Images-powered image library, and more. You can pay either $9.99 per month or $99.99 per 12 months. The Kahoot! website offers additional subscription options.

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Time to Go Home: Uber

Several images of the Uber app
Google Play Store

The wings have been eaten, the alcohol has been consumed, and the Super Bowl party has come to an end. Don’t take any chances—use the Uber app to book a ride.

You put in the pick-up and drop-off locations in the app, which then presents you with an estimate of how much the ride will cost. The estimate changes based on how many other people are using Uber at the same time, whether you’re using Uber on a normal day or holiday, how far the drop-off location is, what time of day you’re using Uber, and even the weather conditions. Keep in mind the estimate doesn’t account for the tip you should give your driver.

There are three ride tiers: Economy, Premium, and a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV). As the name implies, Economy offers the most affordable rides: UberX if you’re riding by yourself, Pool if you don’t mind riding with strangers, and UberXL if you’re in a large group. Premium costs more but offers two types of rides with a professional driver: Black if you’re by yourself and Black SUV for groups. Finally, WAV offers rides for those in wheelchairs.

Uber is free to download for Android and iOS. Uber is available in over 700 cities and 600 airports worldwide, including 263 cities and 147 airports in the U.S.

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