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Apple’s New Gym Partnership Program Will Reward You for Working Out

Two Apple Watches, one with a pink band and one in grey.

It’s nearly the end of January, so that means some of us are only 23 days behind on our resolution to get healthy this year. Apple wants to help you get on track, and so it’s partnering with several gyms to give you incentives to get off the couch and into the gym. All you need is an Apple Watch and the right gym membership.

Have you ever purchased a gym membership, declaring “this is the year I get healthy” only to realize you went for a week or two or most and then stopped? The problem with getting fit is that results aren’t immediate. It takes time, effort, and the right combination of incentives and motivation to keep going—just ask our Editor-in-Chief, Cameron Summerson.

Apple knows that’s true too, and with that in mind, the company formed a partnership with four well-known gyms, YMCA, Crunch Fitness, Basecamp Fitness, and Orange Theory. Over time it’s hoping more gyms will join in as well.

The idea is simple: head to any Apple Watch Connected gym partner, install the gym’s app and use your Apple Watch while exercising, and the gym will reward you. Right now only select gym locations are participating, and the rewards vary.

Basecamp Fitness is promoting an existing program that hands out free Apple Watches. The YMCA is promising to donate classes to kids, while Crunch is offering membership discounts for people who work out regularly. Orange Theory is offering gift card perks to its members.

It’s not much, but it’s a start, and hopefully, more gyms will join over time. Apple doesn’t charge for a gym to become a connected gym partner; it only requires that the gym provide an iPhone and Apple Watch app, accept Apple Watch payments, and offer perks for exercising.

Still, if you already have an Apple Watch and a membership with a participating gym, maybe the idea of a tangible reward might keep you exercising. And that might lead to your true fitness goals.

Source: The Verge

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