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Filmic’s DoubleTake Enables Dual Camera Recording on iPhones

An iPhone 11 with all four camera views shown on the screen at 24 frames per second.
Justin Duino / Review Geek

Back in September, Apple showed off an upcoming iPhone app that would let you record from two cameras at once. The idea was simple: using the DoubleTake app, you could use your front-facing and back-facing camera to talk with someone and show them something at the same time. Now, four months later, the app is ready for you to download.

Filmic, the company behind DoubleTake, is no stranger to camera apps. Its previous offering, Filmic Pro, is well regarded on both iOS and Android. And that’s not just praise from casual users; some film directors have been using the app (along with lenses) to make low-budget indie projects as well.

DoubleTake is different from Filmic Pro, however. Where Filmic Pro focuses on giving you granular control of your camera settings to get the best video possible, DoubleTake goes a different direction.

The app lets you film from any two of the iPhone’s camera at the same time. That doesn’t just mean main front and back-facing cameras—you can choose to use the ultrawide and wide camera, or telephoto and selfie cam, or any other combination.

Once you pick the two cameras you’d like to record with, you’ll choose a frame rate (24fps, 25fps, or 30fps). And then you’re off to the races. The main limit you’ll run into is resolution—you’re stuck at 1080p. It might be disappointing to lose 4K recording, but it makes sense considering you’re recording from two cameras at once.

While you are recording, you’ll see both camera views at once. You can choose to see them in a split-screen view or picture in picture view. Thus far, the app seems well thought out when it comes to using and controlling it.

Only time will tell if anyone finds a good use for it. The app is available today on the iOS store. While any iPhone can download it, you’ll need an iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max to take advantage of the dual-camera feature. The company says it will roll out the same features to Filmic Pro later this Spring.

Source: The Verge

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