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10 Great Space-Themed LEGO Sets for Kids Young and Old

Benny and a LEGO space shuttle.

Whether you’re young or old, LEGO can serve as a great time sink, impressive decorations, or just fun toys. And, for space fans, a lot of options are available ranging from small kid-friendly builds to $100 behemoths. So, no matter your LEGO experience or budget, there are some great space sets for you.

While LEGO’s more sci-fi space themes may be more iconic, they’ve still made plenty that keeps things more realistic. That’s what we wanted to focus on for this list—the sets we chose all keep things fairly grounded, even when trying to predict the future.

So, for the space fans, here are the best LEGO sets for every budget.

The Budget Picks (Under $25)

While LEGO sets, in general, at this price range are limited, there are still a couple of great options here.

LEGO City Astronaut with Space Satellite PolyBag (36 Pieces)

LEGO Astronaut With Space Satellite PolyBag
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

PolyBags are great for some bite-sized LEGO builds, and the Astronaut with Space Satellite set (despite its boring name) lives up to that with a fun and simple build. Despite the small scale, the satellite manages to be fairly detailed and is great for display, and the astronaut mini-fig is a nice bonus for any budding space fan who wants to have a bit of fun.

Astronaut with Satellite PolyBag

LEGO PolyBag Minifigure Set 30365 - Astronaut with Space Satellite 36 pcs

For its small size and low price, this PolyBag still delivers on a solid build.

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter (341 Pieces)

LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Shuttle Transporter
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

To move on to something a bit more complicated, this LEGO 3-in-1 proudly features a space shuttle as its flagship build. And, while the shuttle is too small for a mini-figure, it would still make for a fun toy. Even though the two other builds (The Helicopter Transporter and the Car with Caravan) aren’t space-focused, the mere fact that they are so different could inspire some creative thinking in younger builders.

3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter

LEGO Creator 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091 Building Kit (341 Pieces)

Even if only one of the builds is space-themed, space fans should still get a kick out of this tiny shuttle.

The Mid-Range ($25 – $50)

At this price range, you start seeing some more substantial builds—but there still isn’t anything too complicated.

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle (273 Pieces)

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

If you want a set that looks into the future a bit, then the Space Mars Research Shuttle does a good job of speculating what future space shuttles could look like. And, the shuttle is the perfect size to be held and played with easily, even for younger kids.

Aside from the shuttle, you also get some ground support with the Mars Rover, Heli-Drone, and two Astronaut mini-figs. There’s even a martian rock ready to be dug up and researched.

Mars Research Shuttle

LEGO City Lunar Space Station (412 Pieces)

LEGO City Lunar Space Station
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

The Lunar Space Station set may appear underwhelming from the outside, but is more detailed than you’d probably expect. The station itself is small, but every room of it is decorated and ready to be inhabited by the four included mini-figs. And, to round off the set, the detachable satellite and shuttle are great compliments to the main build, along with adding some more opportunities for imagination.

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer 3-in-1 (285 Pieces)

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer 3in1
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

Another 3-in-1, this time entirely focused on space. Aside from the larger space shuttle with a deploying satellite, your space adventures can go further with the Moon Station and Space Rover builds. All three builds keep things pretty realistic, so they can be great for fun and education.

Space Shuttle Explorer 3-in-1

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer 31066 Building Kit (285 Piece)

A 3-in-1 completely focused on space, you get space flight and grounded exploration covered in this kit.

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (231 Pieces)

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

To move away from playsets, this LEGO Ideas kit is certainly aimed more towards display than play. Proudly featuring four women from NASA’s past, these displays are great for inspiring young minds or just looking good on a shelf.

This is a fantastic set to own if you love the history of NASA or want to instill that love in someone younger.

Women of NASA

LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA (231 Pieces)

This kit does a great job at both celebrating important women from NASA's history and being a great display item.

For the Enthusiasts ($50 – $125)

Now, we get into the more complicated LEGO sets, probably not great for young builders (at least, not on their own), but these sets are treasured by LEGO enthusiasts for their scale and complexity.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station (864 Pieces)

LEGO Ideas International Space Station
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

The recently released International Space Station set is quite the display piece. It’s a foot long and demands everyone’s attention. The intricate build keeps things looking true to life on the actual station, and the small shuttle included is a pretty fun bonus.

Due to the care needed when handling the finished build, it’s certainly not made for play. But the people who buy this won’t be looking for that, and they’ll get exactly what they want—a fantastic display piece that shows off your interests proudly.

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (1,087 Pieces)

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

Apollo fans should rejoice with this faithful set based on the Lunar Lander. This important and historic event can be permanently frozen in time on your shelf for all to see, and the complicated build behind it will only make that more rewarding. The set includes details like a detachable stage with rocket boost, interior fuel tanks, and a tiny laser-ranging mirror.

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266 Model Building Kit with Astronaut Minifigures, Collectible Home Décor Idea

You can have this important moment in human history proudly frozen on your shelf for all to see.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (1969 Pieces)

LEGO Ideas NASA Saturn V
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

If you’re looking to round off the Apollo 11 mission, you’ll need the Saturn V right? This iconic rocket has been faithfully captured in LEGO’s style, to much acclaim from builders and space buffs alike.

This set is better suited for play than the previous two sets mentioned, and it includes some fun bonuses in the small Lunar Lander and Splashdown builds—both of which can fit inside the rocket. The rocket itself does separate into three sections like the real Saturn V, and you also get two astronaut micro-figures.

It does still include a display stand, which should help a lot because properly displaying a 39-inch long rocket isn’t easy.

NASA Apollo Saturn V

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176 Outer Space Model Rocket for Kids and Adults, Science Building Kit (1969 Pieces)

While this build might be a bit too large for some, for many it's that size that makes it so appealing.

LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (837 Pieces)

LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control
Photo courtesy of LEGO.

To finish off this list, let’s turn away from historical accuracy to some more future speculation. The LEGO City Deep Space Rocket is definitely aimed at playing, with the included six mini-figures and monorail system. The rocket itself is designed to be easier to hold, and the Launch Control building is a great companion piece.  If you’re looking for a more extravagant kit to get young builders, this is a great option.

Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control

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