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The Untitled Goose for Your Desktop is a Terror You Have to Download

A desktop littered with windows filled with Goose artwork

When we reviewed Untitled Goose Game, we had more fun than we’d like to admit bullying villa—hang on, the little bugger stole my cursor. Come back here! Sorry about that. Anyway, if you loved Untitled Goose Game, an unofficial spin-off might be just the ticket. Aptly titled Desktop Goose, it invites the well-known character onto your computer to cause mayhem. I hate that I love it.

Some Quick Warnings to Get out of the Way

Before we get into what makes Desktop Goose so awesome, we thought we’d share a few quick warnings. First off, this is an unofficial take that’s clearly inspired by the hit game, Untitled Goose Game. Takedown notices might happen, and you might lose access to further downloads of the game.

It’s also a game from an independent developer that’s about a day old. That’s worth mentioning because when I downloaded it, Chrome warned me it was an unfamiliar file, and SmartScreen initially prevented me from installing it.

That’s normal behavior for a program so new, though. Windows Defender and MalwareBytes both give the files and program a clean bill of health. But as always, you install things at your own risk.

The Desktop Goose That Clutters Your Desk

If you loved Untitled Goose Game, you’ll likely enjoy Desktop Goose—for a while anyway. Install it, and a familiar-looking goose walks onto your screen. After a few minutes, he’ll start dragging windows filled with artwork, “Not-epad” dialogs with words of encouragement and funny phrases, and tracking mud all over the place. Every window he drags out, and the Goose itself, cover whatever you’re looking at, whether that’s a browser, game, or program like Photoshop. If you have your speakers on, you’ll hear him honk every minute or two.

Oh, and sometimes he steals your cursor, and you can’t get it back until he lets go. That should make playing games a ton of fun. Or, as an entirely hypothetical example, scanning the news, switching tabs, and writing up what’s going on in the tech world today. Entirely. Hypothetical.

Thankfully, when you’re tired of the Goose, he’s easy to dismiss—just hold the escape key. You’ll see a dialog after a second or two letting you know to keep holding it, and eventually, the Goose program closes (and any windows he dragged out go with him).

By now, you’re probably wondering how much Desktop Goose costs. That depends on you! It’s a donation-based game. You choose what you want to pay, even if it’s nothing at all. But hey, if you enjoyed it, feel free to tip the developer, Sam Chiet. He also has a Patreon you can subscribe to if you’re so inclined.

Now excuse me, I have to go kill a goose.

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