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Sideshow’s Life-Sized Baby Yoda Looks so Real You’ll Want to Cuddle It

A figurine of The Child from The Mandalorian.

There is an essence that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together. No, it’s not the Force. It’s Baby Yoda, from The Mandalorian. Ok, fine, to be accurate, it’s The Child. But the entire world agrees that The Child is perfection. And now you can own a $350 life-sized recreation of The Child, and it looks fantastic.

Sideshow, a company known for its intricately detailed collectibles, knows you’ll do anything for The Child. Sometimes, the best way to protect a foundling is to slay dozens of stormtroopers, even if it means putting your tribe in danger. Other times, it means parting ways with your hard-earned money—$350 in this case.

But, lest you think that such a sum is outlandish, take a look at these pictures. Do you see it’s adorable pout and the whispy hairs on its head? And oh gosh, is it holding a silver shift knob from the Razor Crest? Yes, it is.

A side profile of the Child, showing his big eyes and tiny hairs on his head.
How can you say no to this face? Sideshow

Sideshow’s take on The Child seems so realistic (at least in pictures) that it will convince you that you have the actual $6 million puppet. The company promises this is a 1:1 scale figure, and it’s connected to a stand so you can display The Child prominently. We suggest choosing somewhere you can easily see the expressions of seething jealousy on your visitor’s faces.

The only bad news, other than the thought of putting together $350 for an adult’s toy, is the release date. You can preorder now, but Sideshow says you won’t get to cuddle The Child until sometime between August and October 2020.

And if any of your friends tell you that it’s a waste of money to own this adorable recreation of The Child, they aren’t your friends at all. I Have Spoken.

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