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Leviton’s Latest Device Adds Alexa to Your Light Switch

The Leviton Decora Smart Voice Dimmer next to a smart phone with the Leviton app open.

Smart light switches are a great addition to your smart home, especially when they support voice control. But a voice assistant in every room means another thing to plug in and take up space. Leviton’s $100 Decora Smart Voice Dimmer puts Alexa into your light switch. And the $50 Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Fan Controller adds smart home control to your fan switch.

Building a starter smart home isn’t all that hard. Start with some smart bulbs, smart plugs, and a voice assistant, and you’re off to the races. But the more you add, the more room and outlets it requires for those gadgets.

Leviton’s Smart Voice Dimmer solves that problem in one convenient package. Replace your dumb light switch with a Smart Voice Dimmer, and you’ve added smart controls over your lights and Alexa to the room all at once.

Like most smart switches, though, you’ll need neutral wires in your light switch’s box. And while the speaker built into the dimmer switch is probably fine for news and weather reports, it’s probably not going to stand in as your music solution.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi component, it doesn’t require a separate hub for smart controls, and you can control the switch through IFTTT or Leviton’s app (for Android and iOS). The app gives you access to scheduling features, scenes, and dimming options. Like all smart dimmer switches, you’ll need dimmable lightbulbs if you want to avoid flicker.

The Smart Voice Dimmer is available on Amazon today and in select retail stores like Home Depot.

A Smart Dimmer with Alexa

Leviton DWVAA-1BW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in, No Hub Required, White

If you don't feel like adding both a smart switch and an Echo to a room, consider this smart dimmer. It'll control your lights and add Alexa to the room in one go. Neutral wires required, but no hub needed.

A white Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Fan Controller.
This might look like a regular light switch, but it’s really a smart fan controller. Leviton

Leviton’s other big announcement today is for fans of…well, fans. If you have a dedicated fan switch (that is, it looks like a light switch but only controls a fan), Leviton’s new Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Fan Controller should catch your eye.

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Fan Controller replaces your standard fan switch, and as the name suggests can turn your fan on and off along with changing between four-speed options. But you’ll also get smartphone access through the My Leviton app (Android and iOS), voice control through Alexa or Google, and scheduling capabilities.

Like other smart switches, you’ll need neutral wires in your fan’s box to power the fan controller. But thankfully, this switch also drops the need for a hub thanks to Wi-Fi.

You can get the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Fan Controller today from Amazon and from retailers like Home Depot.

A Smart Fan Controller

Leviton DW4SF-1BW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Fan Speed Controller, White

If you have a dedicated fan switch in your home, and you'd like to add scheduling and voice control the Decora Wi-Fi Fan Controller should do the trick. You'll need neutral wires, but it skips the need for a dedicated hub.

We’ve requested review units and will follow up with more details when we’ve had a chance to do some testing.

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