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YouTube is Killing the Classic Interface You Forgot It Had

The old school YouTube logo

The year was 2017. It was the Wild West out there on the good ol’ internet, and YouTube was the sheriff trying to run the town. But it knew that no one would take it seriously if it didn’t look the part, so it got rid of those raggedy old clothes and slapped on a fresh coat of face paint.

In that moment, YouTube was reborn. It was born into the modern, sophisticated place you now to watch whatever it is you watch on YouTube. Times are good, YouTube is great, and people are crazy.

But, there’s a catch (because there’s always a catch): there was a way to go back to YouTube’s old interface. Like the outlaws of old who refused to comply with modern societal rules, you, too, could go back in time and revolt. The Classic Interface, as we’ll call it, has been available for users to, um, use, since 2017.

YouTube over the years. They grow up so fast. YouTube

But much like the Wild West at the turn of the century, the sun is starting to set on its time. In March of two-thousand-and-twenty (2020), this Classic Interface will be gone for good, with only the New YouTube remaining.

Of course, if you embraced the 2017 makeover on day one, this doesn’t affect you—the odds are you forget the Classic Interface ever existed in the first place. But if you’ve been a holdout on the new look, well, the time is coming—the time to comply.

Because Google is killing off another unused feature. Classic.

Source: YouTube Support

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