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A Japanese Researcher Already Made a Nintendo Labo-Controlled Wheelchair

When we said that the best Nintendo Labo gadgets would be the ones you make yourself, we weren’t kidding. This Japanese researcher has already modified one to control a wheelchair.

The electric wheelchair was modified to be controlled by the Motorbike Toy-Con, which is part of the standard Variety Kit. The motion controls in the cardboard handlebars have been wired into the motors on the wheelchair itself, allowing the young man to control it by turning the device left and right, and rotating the throttle to accelerate.

This system was rigged up by Japanese inventor and researcher Kentaro Yoshifuji or OryLaboratory. You can see the wheelchair in action in the videos below

Obviously, this is a pretty advanced project for the Nintendo Labo. You might not be able to go build this yourself, but it’s a great example of the kind of things that people can make with Nintendo’s new building platform.

Source: Kotaku

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