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Chronicle Books Will Assemble LEGO Books, Puzzles, and Stationary for Adults

Lego Stationary, Notebooks, and Erases.

LEGO sets aren’t just for children anymore. Today, you can build the International Space Station, the Best Batmobile, and even TV-set replicas. Sure, kids could potentially assemble those kits (with adult help), but adults are the target market. Now, adult fans of LEGO (AFOL) have even more to look forward to thanks to a partnership with Chronicle Books: official LEGO-themed books, puzzles, and stationary.

Chronicle Books plans to release the first in a series of books starting in April. The topics vary, from still life art to a day in a life for a minifig, but every book features lovely artwork featuring our favorite building block.

The two companies seem excited to work together, with Robin Pearson, LEGO Director of Licensing, Publishing, saying:

The LEGO brick and the LEGO minifigure are timeless icons that embody the creativity, imagination, and fun at the heart of the LEGO experience. Through our collaboration with Chronicle Books, we are finding new ways to explore these icons with books and gifts that will surprise and delight LEGO fans of all ages.

And it’s not just books, Chronicle Books is also releasing a jigsaw puzzle, stationery, notebooks, and erasers, all themed after LEGO bricks. Inside the stationary boxes, you’ll find white paper with a LEGO baseplate design on the back. The erasers resemble 2 X 6 bricks of varying colors. Perfect for  AFOLs who want to have fun and be productive too.

Chronicle Books is taking preorders now on its site and through Amazon. But you’ll have to wait until April to get the product in your hands.

via Brick Fanatics

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