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Spotify Kids Expands to the UK and Australia for Premium Family Subscribers

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Consumers are becoming more aware of the safety issues inherent in kids using online services, even “walled gardens.” Spotify’s Kids app, designed with younger listeners and their privacy in mind, is a direct reason for that. Debuting in Ireland last year, the service is now available in the United Kingdom and Australia as well.

Spotify Kids works as a standalone app, available only to subscribers of the Spotify Premium Family tier. It features a curated selection of child-friendly music, playlists, and audio stories, all without ads or tracking sold to third parties. The interface is kid-friendly too, with a simplified selection of links to Spotify’s basic features. Parents should be happy that their children’s developing taste in music doesn’t spill over into the playlists and suggestion algorithm on their primary account.

There’s no news on when Spotify Kids will be available in other markets, but at this point it seems ready to go. If you’re in Ireland, the UK, or Australia and you’re subscribing to Spotify Premium Family, you can try it out on Android and iOS today.

Source: Engadget

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