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Google Maps Caught One Giant Marriage Proposal

They say go big or go home. But the bigger you go the more attention you might attract. One man’s quest for love has led to internet fame after his marriage proposal ended up on the Google Maps service. It’s cute, adorable, and thankfully she said yes.

Steffen Schwarz had a great plan to surprise his then-girlfriend. He’s a part-time farmer, with access to land and equipment. So he spelled out the words “Willst du mich heiraten?” (Will you marry me?) in a cornfield.

Then he told his beloved he thought he spotted wild boars in the area and convinced her to fly a drone over the field to check. Eventually, she flew the drone high enough and got the message, and thankfully said yes.

That’s a lot of work and preparation, he used a seeding machine to plant the field in such a way gaps would be left to spell out the proposal. Apparently he did a good job of it too, as Google Maps shows the message clearly. You can see it right now (as of this writing anyway).

If you’re thinking about proposing to your significant other today (Happy Valentine’s Day!), maybe don’t show them this first—no need to upstage yourself with someone’s more elaborate efforts in love.

via BBC

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