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Alexa and Google Assistant Sure Support a Lot of Smart Home Gadgets

Recently, Google announced that it supports over 5,000 smart home gadgets. That sounds like a lot! Then Amazon says Alexa supports 12,000. That’s a lot more.

Companies like to throw around big numbers to boast about their platform and in this case, it’s not without reason. There are only so many smart home gadgets out there (and even fewer you’d actually want to use in your home), so knowing that Google Assistant or Alexa support a lot of your favorites is useful information when choosing what to buy.

These two companies will likely continue bragging about how many gadgets they support, and technically Alexa has the bigger number. However, it’s worth pointing out that both of them support enough that there’s a pretty strong chance they’ll support anything you want to add to your home. If you use products from Nest, Philips Hue, Belkin, August, iRobot, Logitech Harmony, or most other big-name smart home brands, you’ll find support with either voice assistant.

Source: Android Police, The Verge

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