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A Motorola Razr is Reportedly Peeling Apart at the Fold

A Motorola Razr with a damage screen that is peeling apart at the side.

We’ve already suggested that maybe you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy Z Flip yet, and that advice was quickly vindicated. But perhaps we should go ahead and broaden that statement to, “maybe you shouldn’t buy any foldable phone yet.” The folks over at Input bought a Motorola Razr just over a week ago, and now it’s peeling apart.

According to Raymond Wong, he wasn’t doing anything drastic with his phone before the problem occurred. He’d been using it to take pictures in cold weather (about 30 degrees Fahrenheit) the day before, then took it home. Everything looked fine that evening and the next morning.

He took a 45-minute train ride and kept the phone in his pocket (folded of course). Sometime in the course of that ride, the screen started peeling apart right at the fold. It looks like a horizontal air bubble is forming between the lamination layer and the display.

If you look at the display now, you’ll see what appears to be a long deep scratch. But according to Wong, the screen isn’t scratched. Instead, the pixels are separating apart from the two layers.

You should head to Input’s site to see all the pictures, but be warned: it’s not pretty. Overall, these early issues are not a good look for foldable phones. Forget thousands of folds, we’re weeks in and seeing problems. For now, you should avoid foldable phones entirely, unless you have lots of disposable cash you don’t mind throwing away.

via Input

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