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6 Great Fidget Toys for the Anxious and Bored

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Fidgeting is something I’ve always done to relieve anxiety and boredom, and there’s a chance you do the same. And while in the past the best fidgeting options available were tapping your foot or banging your pencil against the desk, today we have less bothersome options help alleviate this stress.

Most fidget toys made today are minimal, non-distracting, and nearly silent. You can safely use them in quiet environments without bothering those around you. So, we gathered six fidget toys that do just that while still being relaxing to use.

A Normal Fidget Spinner: ATESSON Fidget Spinner

ATESSON Fidget Spinner

Ever since their random explosion in popularity a couple of years back, there has been a seemingly endless number of companies producing fidget spinners. We chose Atesson’s specifically for its balance of quality and price. Unlike most spinners you find, which are typically made out of cheap plastic, this is made out of solid aluminum. This gives it a good weight in the hands and helps to ensure longevity.

The spinner comes in three different colors: blue, pink, and silver.

A Less Than Normal Fidget Spinner: Duomishu Fidget Spinner

Duomishu Fidget Spinner

If you’re not a fan of standard fidget spinners, then Duomishu’s will give you a slight twist on the concept. This spinner uses a branching three-weight design to give a sort of “double pendulum” effect while spinning. This gives a very different feel in the hand and should definitely be tried if regular fidget spinners have never worked for you. The spinner is made out of stainless steel, which gives it this great industrial look.

A Less Than Normal Fidget Spinner

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While this design may be unorthodox, it gives a different feel for those not impressed by normal fidget spinners.

Best of the Cubes: PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube

PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube

Fidget cubes are another popular form of fidget toy, and we went with PILPOC’s specifically for the additional options you have when purchasing. The standard cube (available in either black and blue or white and blue) has six different toys: two discs to spin, gears to shift, buttons to click, and switches to flip. They also offer a fidget dodecagon (available in black and green) that has 12 different toys.

While the dodecagon may seem like the immediately better option because you are getting more toys with it, it should be noted that due to its odd shape it might be uncomfortable to carry in your pocket.

Regardless of which one you go with, you’ll be getting a high-quality fidget toy with a lot of options. The cube and dodecagon both have a soft silicone finish, and also come with protective carrying cases for travel.

Best of the Cubes

A Pen That Clicks, Spins, and More: ZOON Fidget Pen

ZOON Fidget Pen

If you want a fidget toy that’s a bit more understated than a brightly colored cube, the ZOON fidget pen shouldn’t draw any stares. It looks like a normal pen for the most part, while still having a good selection of fidget toys. The click-down top of the pen has a built-in spin disc, a switch is integrated on the side, a rollerball that double acts as a button below it, and even the pen clip is detachable so you can flick it.

While the actual pen itself won’t blow you away, it’s still good enough for quick notes. The entire thing has a soft finish that makes it pleasing to hold. You can get this pen in four different colors (black, gray, red, and pink), and it comes with three additional ink refills (and it uses standard 12 cm ballpoint ink refills, which are easy to come across).

A Pen That Clicks, Spins, and More

Sometimes, Simple Is Best: SMALL FISH Infinity Cube

SMALL FISH Infinity Cube

If you’ve been looking at all the toys mentioned so far and are thinking you don’t want to carry around some hodgepodge of buttons and discs, this Infinity Cube will give you satisfying fidgeting the simplest way possible. You can fold the Infinity Cube an endless number of ways, which is surprisingly satisfying. And don’t worry, while the constant folding might seem like it could be noisy, the cube is quiet.

A Pen Made Out of Magnets, Because Why Not: Dovital Magnetic Polar Pen

Dovital Magnetic Polar Pen

While on the surface, a pen made out of smaller magnets might seem like an odd thing to exist in the world, it is actually really great for just playing around with. The simple act of separating and rejoining the magnets can be satisfying, and if you’re dedicated enough you can even create little structures and objects like the magnet man pictured above.

Because of the magnets, the pen is modular so you can do stuff like add a stylus tip at the end for use with touchscreens. It even comes with a little carrying case to store all the modular bits and bobs inside, which is useful because you would definitely lose them without it.

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