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All of the Best Baby Yoda Gear We Could Find

Baby Yoda

Since the airing of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda (or The Child) has had a stranglehold on internet culture. And it’s well deserved—he’s adorable. With that sort of popularity, there is, of course, going to be demands for merchandise. Demands Disney has been happy to meet.

With the recent New York Toy Fair over, we have learned about a lot of new Baby Yoda merch that will be hitting store shelves some time this year, on top of the things that are already available. If you’re looking for something to fill the Baby Yoda void in your life, then this list is for you. All of these products are officially licensed as well, so none of them will get randomly delisted because of copyright infringements.

The Figures

SideShow The Child Figure

These are the products that try to accurately represent Baby Yoda in the real world. Usually made out of plastic and other harder materials. They can obviously also be played with, but generally speaking, looking great comes first.

  • SideShow The Child Life-Sized Figure (Pre-Order): When it comes to accuracy, nothing beats this SideShow figure. It is 16.5 inches tall, looks exactly like the puppet used in the show, and the high-quality materials used are just the finishing touch. Of course, this quality doesn’t come cheap (it’s $350 to be precise), but it’s good to have an option like this for serious collectors.
  • Hasbro The Child Animatronic Edition (Pre-Order): A lot of the charm of Baby Yoda comes from his puppeteering, and this animatronic figure comes the closest to capturing that. With 25 possible sound and motion combinations, this figure is sure to delight fans both young and old.
  • The Child Funko Pop! (Pre-Order): Thanks to the character design of Baby Yoda, this figure should be able to reach beyond the dedicated Funko Pop! collectors. His already strange proportions and large eyes are captured perfectly in Funko’s signature style, and the bobble-head functionality is a nice touch.
  • Black Series The Child Toy 1.1-inch Scale (Pre-Order): At only 4.49 inches tall, this micro-scale figure is the perfect desk or shelf decoration. It even comes with a few accessories to do with Baby Yoda’s appearances in The Mandalorian: a one-eyed frog, soup bowl, and toy ball.
  • The Bounty Collection The Child Collectible Toys (Pre-Order): This is actually a set of six different figures, spread across three two-packs. These recreate multiple adorable moments fromThe Mandalorian in a unique and charming art style. The two-packs are: Froggy Snack and Force Moment, Don’t Leave and Ball Toy, and Sipping Soup and Blanket-Wrapped.
  • LEGO BrickHeadz The Mandalorian and The Child (Pre-Order): Much like Funko Pop!, LEGO’s BrickHeadz theme recreates iconic characters in a unique style. Here we have a LEGO-ified Baby Yoda in his hoverpod cleverly “floating” on a few transparent LEGO bricks. The included Mandalorian BrickHead is cool too I guess .
  • LEGO Razer Crest Playset (Pre-Order): This playset faithfully captures the iconic Razer Crest ship from The Mandalorian. And not only is the build itself great, but it also comes with a tiny Baby Yoda minifigure that when placed next to the Mandalorian minifig just looks perfect.

The Plushes

Mattel "The Child" Plush

Whether you’re a collector searching for your next score or looking to buy a friend for a young child, plushes are great. They’re (usually) soft and squeezable, and while they might look a bit off compared to the source material, that just adds to the charm.

  • Build-A-Bear The Child Plush (Release TBA): When it comes to childhood plushes, there is no company more recognizable than Build-A-Bear. Whether you build your own at the store or just order it online, this soft toy is the perfect playmate.
  • Disney Store The Child Plush (Pre-Order): There isn’t anything particularly special about this plush, it’s just a great plush version of Baby Yoda. It’s soft, looks good, and works great for display or play.
  • The Child Plush by Mattel (Pre-Order): This plush attempts to get a more show-accurate depiction of Baby Yoda in plush form. This does lead to the head being made out of vinyl, which may not be great for young kids, but its body is still soft and squeezable. Many are sure to appreciate the more authentic look of this plush compared to the plushes previously mentioned.


Disney Store "The Child" Sweatshirt

Whether you need to protect yourself from the cold with a sweatshirt or want to show off your Baby Yoda love with a T-Shirt, there are plenty of options.

  • The Child Floating Pod Frog Snack T-Shirt: While there are already many t-shirts based on our green friend, we chose this one in particular for its excellent design capturing many aspects of Baby Yoda in one. It’s also available in 10 different colors. (Fits men, women, and children.)
  • The Child Sweatshirt (For Adults): This cozy sweatshirt will keep you warm while displaying your Baby Yoda love. It’s only available in heather gray, but that helps the colorful central design stand out.
  • Love Your Melon The Child Beanie (Pre-Order): Whether it’s for style or the weather, a nice wool beanie is a great thing to have. Love Your Melon is known for its high-quality beanies, and now they have a design based on Baby Yoda.
  • Disney Store The Child Baseball Cap: A simple choice, but sometimes simple is best. This baseball cap has a nice, embroidered Baby Yoda face on the front. It looks good, is made out of quality materials, and has Baby Yoda. What’s not to love.


Bitty Boomers "The Child" Bluetooth Speaker
Bitty Boomers

These are the items that don’t fit any single category but still deserve your attention regardless.

  • Bitty Boomers The Child Speaker (Pre-Order): While watching The Mandalorian did you ever look at Baby Yoda and think “I want music to blast out of his head”? If so, BItty Boomers’ Baby Yoda themed Bluetooth speaker will deliver on your heart’s desire with quality sound at an affordable price. You can even expect it to last four hours on a single charge.
  • Disney Store The Child “On Board” Car Magnet: Sometimes, you just want to let everyone driving behind you know how much you love Baby Yoda. If so, this magnetic vinyl car sticker will be easy to apply and remove on the back of your car.
  • Fathead The Child Removeable Wall Sticker: Removeable wall stickers are great for decoration, long or short term. Fathead has a lot of experience making wall stickers, so you can be sure this Baby Yoda one is up to snuff.
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