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Samsung’s Selling 16GB RAM Modules for Phones, But ARM Laptops are a Better Fit

Galaxy S20 series.
Justin Duino / Review Geek

At its most expensive configuration, the new Galaxy S20 Ultra is available with an insane 16GB of RAM. That’s more memory than most laptops and desktops sold today. If your first thought was “cool!” instead of “why?,” then Samsung has good news: they’re now mass-producing the same LPDDR memory modules for sale to other manufacturers.

Frankly, Samsung is probably the only phone seller interested in mass-producing phones with that much memory, aside from some aspirational models like the “gaming” phones from ASUS and Razer. But there’s a more obvious market for this tech: ARM-based laptops. These long-lasting computers based on mobile hardware, running Windows and Chrome OS, are getting more popular thanks to wider availability and built-in LTE or 5G connections. Premium options need premium specs, and boosting memory with a single 16GB RAM module is an obvious pick for something like a revised Surface Pro X or rumored ARM-powered Macs.

Samsung says the new memory modules are 20% more efficient with a blistering transfer rate of 5.5 megabytes a second, making them ideal for 5G-equipped wireless devices. Expect to see them pop up in phones (and hopefully laptops) in the latter half of this year.

Source: Samsung via 9to5Google

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