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The Best Accessories to Make Your Switch Lite Even Better

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch Lite is a great system—being able to play some of Nintendo’s greatest games of all time on such a small and lite system is fantastic. Chances are if you’re reading this, you agree with that because you likely own one (or are at least considering it). Yet, while it is a great system, there are quite a few strange design decisions Nintendo made for the Switch Lite that third-party accessory manufacturers have been happy to solve.

The first problem you have is the shape of the console itself. Many already find the normal Switch to be uncomfortable to hold for longer sessions, and the Lite suffers from this as well. Nintendo also decided to remove the kickstand from the Lite, which removes the tabletop mode that was advertised as the admittedly less important third pillar of the Switch, next to the handheld and docked mode.

Finally, there is the fact that breaking any part on your Lite is a much bigger problem compared to the normal Switch. If your screen gets scratched or cracked on the normal Switch, at least you still have docked mode. The Joy-Cons start to drift or just break altogether? They’re replaceable. Because the Switch Lite is an all-in-one unit, getting accessories to make sure it’s protected while you’re playing is important.

So, with all of this in mind, we sought out the best Switch Lite accessories that solved these problems, and more.

To Make Playing More Comfortable: Orzly Grip Case

Orzly Grip Case

If playing on your Switch Lite for extended periods hurts your hands, getting a grip case can alleviate that, along with offering some additional protection against drops. We chose Orzly’s grip case in particular for its durable yet comfortable-to-hold exterior, thick handle grips, and its smart use of space. Inside of the case are two game cartridge holders, which while slightly annoying to access, are useful in a pinch. This grip case also has a kickstand, which is great to see.

The case comes in five colors: black (pictured above), turquoise, yellow, gray, and one that matches the limited edition Pokémon Sword and Shield  Switch Lite.

Protect Your Screen: ivoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Four Pack)

ivoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Four Pack)

If you don’t already have a screen protector on your Switch Lite, it’s really something you need to take care of. If your screen is damaged, that’s about it for your console if it’s not under warranty.

These screen protectors are made out of tempered glass, which ensures they won’t distort the image in any way and will work with the touch screen. Four microfiber cloths are also included to clean the screen, which is a nice bonus.

Protect Your Screen

A Travel-Friendly Controller: 8Bitdo N30 Pro2

8Bitdo N30 Pro2

It can be good to get a break from holding the Switch Lite during long gaming sessions. Having a good dedicated controller can grant you that, along with being used for multiplayer games.

We selected 8Bitdo’s N30 Pro2 for this role—it’s slim, has all the necessary inputs, and because it’s Bluetooth, it will even work on other platforms. It’s modeled after the SNES controller, meaning it has those nice rounded edges; it also comes in four different colors: gray, purple, black, and a gray and black combo (pictured above).

If you want an even slimmer controller that’s also more suited to retro games, 8Bitdo also has its “Lite” controller.

Best Travel Cartridge Case: Younik Game Card Case

Younik Game Card Case

For those who prefer to buy physical games, portability can be a bit of a pain. That’s what cartridge cases are for, and Younik’s is thin enough to carry in your pocket. It has 16 cartridge slots (each of which can hold a microSD card as well), and is waterproof, scratchproof, and shock-resistant.

Whether you’re spending the weekend with relatives or traveling around the world, Younik’s cartridge case will keep your games safe and organized.

Best Travel Cartridge Case

A Carrying Case with a lot of Space: Orzly Carrying Case

Orzly Carrying Case

If you want the charger, games, and console all in one place, it’s probably best to get a carrying case. Orzly’s hard-shelled case has space for all of that. It has eight cartridge slots and a segmented pocket for smaller items like earbuds or charging cables. It comes in 10 different colors (black, blue, green, gray, pink, red, yellow, carbon fiber, red and white, and grey and blue) as well, so you can get whatever matches your Switch Lite or personal preference.

A Minimal Case: ProCase Carrying Case

ProCase Carrying Case

But if you don’t need all that storage space and just want something to protect your console (while looking stylish), ProCase has the product for you. This case is made out of soft felt and has a simple, yet effective drawstring elastic cord for securing your Switch Lite nice and tight. It also has five cartridge slots on the inside of the case and comes in three colors: black (pictured above), blue, and yellow.

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