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OnePlus’ New SnowBots are 5G Powered Snowball-Launching Robots

A field of black and red, covered in snow and the words "Snowbot battle"

Yesterday, OnePlus started teasing an upcoming product announcement. It might have been easy to assume the company would take the wraps off a new phone, but instead, it announced a snowball-throwing robot competition. We doublechecked, OnePlus is serious.

5G is coming, and what better way to show off the power and speed of the new wireless standard than robot fights? Um, ok, we don’t understand either. But it still sounds cool (no pun intended).

Starting March 9th at 7 AM Eastern, the company will host the OnePlus Snowbot Battle. Billed as a human versus robots event, users will be able to take control of custom made snowball-firing 5G powered robots—dubbed Snowbots. The company says parently selected people will join in teams against the Snowbots, and OnePlus will run 24-hours a day until the event comes to a close on March 12th.

OnePlus plans to run a community contest on social media to select people who will fight against the robots in Lapland, Finland. The rest of the world will have to settle for controlling the Snowbots. You can do that by going to the Snowbots site with your mobile device and signing in with a OnePlus account.

Enjoy it while you can though, the OnePlus FAQ states each person can only play once. After that, spectating is your only option.

We’re not sure why OnePlus developed SnowBots, though showing off what 5G is capable of seems to be the goal. But we don’t care either; it’s freaking snowball-throwing robots. You can’t buy one, unfortunately, but you can enjoy the spectacle while it lasts.

via OnePlus

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