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OPPO is Selling the Only Apple Watch You Shouldn’t Buy

The Oppo Watch announcement banner showing two Oppo Watches in a call mode.

As an Android user, I’m envious of the Apple Watch. There simply aren’t any Android wearables that match the Apple Watch’s large display, sleek design, and neat functionality. If Android manufacturers would just take a few notes from Apple—oh wait, please, not like that. OPPO, you can’t just copy the whole thing!

Last night, OPPO took the time to post an Apple-inspired image to its Twitter account. Maybe “inspired” isn’t the right word—the image uses Apple’s design assets and features the fancy new OPPO Watch, a near-clone of the Apple Watch.

At a glance, the only notable difference between the OPPO Watch and the Apple Watch is that the OPPO Watch doesn’t have a “Digital Crown,” and instead features two control buttons. Otherwise, they’re like twins. Even the call screen on the OPPO watch (an admittedly neat feature) looks like it’s been ripped straight from Apple’s design library.

So what does the uncanny valley watch do? We won’t know the specifics until the OPPO Find X2 launch event on March 6th at 4:30 AM ET. But in the meantime, we can speculate a bit. In the press photos, we can see that the OPPO watch has some calling and messaging features built-in. We can also see that the OPPO watch has two hardware buttons, one of which is accented with a green stripe. It’s safe to assume that this green-stripe button is an “Accept Call” button, but we won’t know for sure until the 6th.

A leaked image of the Oppo watch from Weibo.

We also know that the OPPO Watch is built with a bubbly curved screen. People first noticed this curved display when it was leaked on Weibo, and it’s since been confirmed by OPPO’s CEO, Brian Shen. For reference, the Apple Watch does not have a curved screen. I guess that OPPO wants to stand out from other brands.

As of right now, we don’t know how much OPPO plans to charge for its wearable, what OS it runs on, or what countries the device will be available in (the press image says “Launch Globally,” but we’re skeptical). Come March 6th, we should know everything about this device, including any exclusive features or weird quirks.

Source: OPPO

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